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Your Guide to a Successful Security Vulnerability Assessment

Yossi Glazer
 | Oct 20, 2021
 | Product Manager

To provide your organization with the necessary knowledge to understand the threats to its environment, your SOC team must know the ins and outs of performing successful security vulnerability assessments. Having a clear understanding of vulnerability assessment can provide significant value to an organization. Here are the essential steps for performing a vulnerability assessment. 


Initial Assessment and Risk Identification

Identify all the assets of your organization and the potential for risk. Assets of a business include hardware, infrastructure, specific applications, cloud-based assets, and even people of the organization. It is critical to understand that both private and public devices affect security practices within the company. Overall, a comprehensive view of risk factors is vital in executing a successful security vulnerability assessment. 


Baseline reporting and developing an assessment technique

After identifying assets and risk factors, a company must perform a baseline report by gathering information about system ports, processes, and services. Baseline reporting is an important step in ensuring upgraded security and deciding on an assessment technique. Baseline reporting can also be used as a reference when performing vulnerability scans.


Perform the Vulnerability Scan

For the best results, ensure that you use optimal scanners that will provide maximum value to your organization. 


Vulnerability Assessment Report

Finally, after running a security scan, it is crucial to develop a vulnerability assessment report. Reports allow businesses to obtain a comprehensive view of an organization’s security system, baselines, and definitions. 

Although the thought of performing an effective and comprehensive security vulnerability assessment can be daunting, there are a variety of tools designed to make it possible. However, risk-identification is just the first step in the remediation process. After performing a successful scan, Vulcan can help you prioritize and remediate the identified vulnerabilities. Visit Vulcan to learn how you can get fix done efficiently, and at scale. 

About the Author

Yossi Glazer

Yossi has over 20 years of experience in IT and cybersecurity companies, in various roles ranging from development to product. He is passionate about innovation and solving real-life problems through new products and methodologies.

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