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Get fix done.

Vulcan powers remediation from start to finish, so you don’t just find vulnerabilities – you actually fix them.

Virtual conference:
The Remediation Summit - October 29


Remediation Orchestration

Go from uncomfortably vulnerable to confidently secure. Vulcan Cyber integrates with your tools, delivers the remedies you need, and shows you exactly how to make fix happen.


Fix what matters most. Vulcan takes your unique risk tolerance into account, prioritizing vulnerabilities based on severity of risk and the threat to business assets.


Less searching, more fixing. Using remediation intelligence, Vulcan hands you the exact patch, config script or workaround for each vulnerability, so you go from found to fixed, fast.


Streamline. Fix. Repeat. Automate whatever steps of the remediation process you want – from ticket routing to the patching itself, so you’re free to fix at scale.

Stop managing. Start fixing.

Drive risk way down

What good is a list of vulnerabilities if they aren’t getting fixed? Vulcan gives you precise priorities, the right remedies, meaningful analytics and powerful automation to cut down business risks and start knocking things off your to-fix list.

See your risk clearly

Shed light on every risk you face. Vulcan integrates with your vulnerability scanners to show where you’re vulnerable, and with your asset management tools to show actual risk to your business. And with detailed, customizable analytics, you see how much more secure and compliant you are today than you were before.

Fix as one team

Stop handing problems to your IT and DevOps teams and start handing them solutions. Deliver the right fixes and instructions to the right people to get right to the fixing. Vulcan integrates with the tools that teams already use so everyone can join forces to get fix done quickly and at scale.

What fix feels like.

“Old-fashioned scanners give you 20,000 vulnerabilities, 11,000 of which are critical, and say, “There you go, good luck!” Using Vulcan, our DevOps team quickly closed more than 30% of server vulnerabilities in a key environment. This is the vulnerability management solution we’ve been waiting for.”
Omer Singer
 | Head of Cyber Security Strategy
  • Remedy Cloud

    We’ve built the world’s first and largest remediation intelligence database focused on delivering fixes and solutions for your vulnerabilities. It gives you one-click-fix, matching each vulnerability with the right remedy. Try Remedy Cloud for free.

    They Get It.

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    Today's IT environment is notably different than that of the 1990s. New possibilities have brought new challenges. And new opportunities.

    Virtual | The Remediation Summit | Oct. 29