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Vulnerability Remediation Campaigns - Driving Remediation Outcomes

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Strategies for vulnerability remediation campaigns.
  • Tactical tips for running effective remediation campaigns.
  • Common use cases and challenges for each type of campaign.

About this white paper:
Generally speaking, there are three types of vulnerabilities that require our attention and need to be fixed. Each type requires a different strategy and, in turn, presents its own challenges. This white paper defines the concept of remediation campaigns and offers guidance to best implement scan-to-fix campaigns for your organization.


Remediation Campaigns The Strategy Behind Effective Vulnerability Management


What fix feels like.

“Old-fashioned scanners give you 20,000 vulnerabilities, 11,000 of which are critical, and say, “There you go, good luck!” Using Vulcan, our DevOps team quickly closed more than 30% of server vulnerabilities in a key environment. This is the vulnerability management solution we’ve been waiting for.”
Omer Singer
 | Head of Cyber Security Strategy