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The Top Mistakes in Vulnerability Management

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What are the top mistakes in vulnerability management?
  • How can you avoid these mistakes by shifting the objective from vulnerability management to vulnerability remediation?
  • How can the Vulcan Cyber platform help your team get fix done through scan-to-fix vulnerability remediation orchestration?

About this white paper:
Vulnerability management initiatives too often fall short of the objective to secure digital infrastructure. But moving from vulnerability management to vulnerability remediation isn’t easy. There are so many moving parts, with dozens of stakeholders, and infrastructure that is growing exponentially to meet the demands of the business. This white paper provides a summary of the top mistakes in vulnerability management initiatives that if addressed correctly, can improve cyber security significantly.


Learn the top 5 vulnerability remediation mistakes


What fix feels like.

“Old-fashioned scanners give you 20,000 vulnerabilities, 11,000 of which are critical, and say, “There you go, good luck!” Using Vulcan, our DevOps team quickly closed more than 30% of server vulnerabilities in a key environment. This is the vulnerability management solution we’ve been waiting for.”
Omer Singer
 | Head of Cyber Security Strategy