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The impact of cloud and remote work on vulnerability management

For many organizations, vulnerability management remains a big concern. Security teams are accountable, but not responsible, for much of the risk mitigation process, and struggle to communicate its importance to different teams and stakeholders. Migration to the cloud has not helped this. While identifying vulnerabilities has become more straightforward, fixing them and managing the cyber risk is no easy task. In partnership with SANS, this report shows clearly where organizations are improving, the opportunities for better cyber risk management within the cloud, and what teams need to do to become more effective in 2022.

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Here’s what you’ll learn

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    How has moving to the cloud changed the way people think about vulnerability management?

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    What does the greater level responsibility of IT teams means for vulnerability management?

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    Why do many organizations continue to fall short when it comes to mitigating cyber risk?

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    The opportunities - and pitfalls - of improving vulnerability management in the cloud.