Asses and manage vulnerabilities efficiently.

Vulcan Cyber vulnerability management platform helps security teams reduce manual workload and improve security posture.

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Vulcan Cyber: The All-In-One Toolset for Vulnerability Management

Consolidate your data

Get smarter by simplifying cyber risk management. Vulcan Cyber integrates your security stack so that you can manage your vulnerability & risk data for application, cloud and network assets in one place.

Correlate your risk

Connect the dots quickly. Vulcan Cyber automatically exposes the links between vulnerabilities, assets and logical groups and deduplicates vulnerability data to streamline your cyber risk lifecycle management.

Enrich your results

Go from found to fixed, fast. Vulcan Cyber remediation intelligence tells you the exact patch, config script, workaround or compensating control you need to fix vulnerabilities the right way.

Prioritize your activities

Protect what matters most to your organization. Vulcan Cyber takes your unique risk tolerance into account, prioritizing vulnerabilities based on severity, threat intelligence, and actual business risk.

Orchestrate your response

Control your risk across all attack surfaces. Vulcan Cyber lets you mount a coordinated mitigation strategy for managing application, cloud, and network vulnerabilities and allows you to execute automated playbooks to expedite resolution.

Collaborate across teams

Cyber risk is an organization-wide concern. Vulcan Cyber gives you the automated collaboration capabilities you need to coordinate vulnerability and risk management activities across all teams, using the tools they prefer.

Report your performance

Everyone’s accountable to someone. Vulcan Cyber delivers flexible reporting capabilities to communicate relevant details about your vulnerability and cyber risk management programs to whatever audience you need to reach, from day-to-day practitioners to the C-Suite.

Life cycle step – Report

Go beyond your scan data: from asset vulnerability aggregation and prioritization to orchestrated risk mitigation

Understand the real risk

No two organizations are the same, and understanding the specific context of how each vulnerability will impact your organization is critical for effectively prioritizing and mitigating potential risk.

Reduce manual processes

Understanding how to prioritize your vulnerabilities is a critical first step in the risk management lifecycle. Transition from managing spreadsheets to automating mitigation across all your attack surfaces in real time.

Track remediation progress and results

Whether you’re reporting to management, or to day-to-day practitioners, Vulcan Cyber provides you with the metrics you need to clearly articulate remediation status and security posture within your organization.

They own risk.

“Using Vulcan Cyber, our DevOps team quickly closed more than 30% of server vulnerabilities in a key environment. 

This is the vulnerability management solution we’ve been waiting for.”

Start owning your risk with Vulcan Cyber

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