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Search Remedy Cloud for any CVE and get the best available vulnerability fixes as a 
free service from the Vulcan Cyber research team.


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Get Fixes for FREE

Find the fixes you need when you need them, totally free of charge!


Leave the tedious work to Vulcan – your teams have better things to do.


Get the most out of your teams. Streamline continuous fix and reduce risk.

Free fixes at your fingertips.

Vulcan is providing a free service to the vulnerability management community to help get fix done more efficiently and ultimately protect business from cyber risk.


You probably already know what vulnerabilities are a threat to your digital infrastructure. And there’s a good chance you’ve prioritized them by risk to your business. But now the hard part begins…fixing them. Remedy Cloud is a curated database of solutions, or fixes, for thousands of vulnerabilities.

There are three main categories of vulnerability remedies: patches, configuration changes and workarounds. It’s a dirty job to do the research and find the right remedies for your vulnerabilities, but somebody has to do it.


Remedy Cloud can help security teams deliver remedies as a service to their counterparts in IT to drive efficient remediation outcomes and ultimately get fix done.