SolarWinds Orion Platform before 2020.2.4, as used by various SolarWinds products, installs and uses a SQL Server backend, and stores database credentials to access this backend in a file readable by unprivileged users. As a result, any user having access to the filesystem can read database login details from that file, including the login name and its associated password. Then, the credentials can be used to get database owner access to the SWNetPerfMon.DB database. This gives access to the data collected by SolarWinds applications, and leads to admin access to the applications by inserting or changing authentication data stored in the Accounts table of the database.

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2 fixes found:


    ServU-FTP 15.2.2 Hotfix 1
    Published Date:Feb 3, 2021
    Updated Date:Feb 3, 2021
    • Version Update

      Upgrade to Orion Platform 2020.2.4
      Published Date:Jan 25, 2021
      Updated Date:Jan 25, 2021