Avoid cyber negligence and protect your critical assets

Attack surfaces have never been bigger, and cyber security teams are quickly overwhelmed by a growing threatscape. It’s easy to fall into a trap of cyber negligence, reacting from one crisis to another. But this is an unsustainable, short-sighted approach. This white paper – based on a Remediation Summit session from Ryan Gurney (CISO-in-residence at YL Ventures) – explores what cyber negligence is, what it means for organizations, and the proactive steps they can take to avoid it.

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Here’s what you’ll learn

The importance of taking ownership of your cyber risk, and not hiding behind paperwork or third-party liability.

What organizations can learn from the 2014 Sony hack other high-profile attacks, and how they can avoid them.

The basic steps all organizations can take to ensure they stay above the “negligence” bar.”

Why prioritization is key to staying ahead of cyber risk.