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Do I even need to fix BootHole, SIGRed or SMBleed?

Do you have a plan for BootHole or have you already fixed it? What about SIGRed or SMBleed? Are any of these high-profile vulnerabilities even relevant to the security of your digital infrastructure? Vulnerability prioritization is a critical element of any enterprise vulnerability management program. But too often prioritization is done wrong, making the effort… Continue reading Do I even need to fix BootHole, SIGRed or SMBleed?

What is the BootHole Vulnerability (CVE-2020-10713)?

TL;DR The BootHole vulnerability is not critical (yet), but it could potentially effect billions of devices worldwide. Exploiting it requires high privileges or physical access. Now while there are no full patches available at this time, we’ve written this blog, and published this episode of The Vulnerability Report, to help you detect vulnerable devices, mitigate the… Continue reading What is the BootHole Vulnerability (CVE-2020-10713)?