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Prioritize cyber risk specific to your business

Intelligent vulnerability prioritization for application, cloud and infrastructure assets based on the real risk to your organization.

Why vulnerability prioritization?

Trying to manage vulnerabilities without understanding your actual risk is a losing battle.

With a massive attack surface across applications, cloud and infrastructure assets, cyber risk management teams are required to identify and analyze thousands or millions of vulnerabilities every week and mitigate them before they lead to a catastrophic consequences. But too many organizations are still dependent on slow, manual processes and risk ratings that lack the relevant context and threat intelligence to accurately prioritize which vulnerabilities they need address first.

We’re here to fix that.

Prioritize based on your actual risk

Vulcan Cyber delivers intelligent vulnerability prioritization technology (VPT) that automatically analyzes risk from application, cloud and infrastructure assets and correlates it against extensive organization-specific context, threat intelligence and exploit probability to tell you which vulnerabilities to mitigate first. The platform helps you understand the risk you are carrying broken down by asset type, customizable business groups, vulnerability category, and even the overall risk tied to specific threats.

Easily set custom priorities and mitigation strategies

Vulcan Cyber allows you to align your prioritization strategy to customizable logical categories like business unit, network segment, application and/or asset type, compliance requirements, or any other grouping relevant to your environment. This allows you to analyze the highest priority vulnerabilities and risk in multiple ways to quickly identify and implement the mitigation strategies that will have the greatest impact to your organization.


Own the complete cyber risk management lifecycle

We can’t own cyber risk if we can’t manage it fully. End-to-end. Attack surface to attack surface. Across every team and every stage of the cybersecurity lifecycle.

They get it.

Intelligently prioritize your vulnerabilities and risk

They own risk.

"With Vulcan, we've been able to consolidate all of our data in one place and focus on only the vulnerabilities that matter to us, so our developers can fix things fast, and focus on adding value to our customers."

Matt Shelton | Director of Technology Risk and Threat Intelligence

They own risk.

“Old-fashioned scanners give you 20,000 vulnerabilities, 11,000 of which are critical, and say, “There you go, good luck!” Using Vulcan, our DevOps team quickly closed more than 30% of server vulnerabilities in a key environment. This is the vulnerability management solution we’ve been waiting for.”

Omer Singer | Head of Cyber Security Strategy

Prioritize vulnerability data and own your risk