Power up against your vulnerabilities

Stop running away and start chasing your ghosts. Scale up vulnerability remediation, work efficiently with automated
processes and enhance cross-team collaboration

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Ops teams are already moving fast. Now, it’s security’s turn

Vulcan incorporates the same methodologies used by Cloud, IT and DevOps into an agile cyber security ecosystem that makes rapid and flexible response to vulnerabilities a new reality


Orchestration and Automation

With pre-defined remediation policies, Vulcan enables teams to automate their remediation processes, improving efficiency


Risk-based Prioritization

Not all ghosts are created equal Prioritize vulnerabilities based on their true-risk to your specific environment


Remediation Intelligence

Out-smart the ghosts. Choose the most effective solution, be it a patch or workaround, that can go live to production fastest


Power up for continuous vulnerability remediation


Quick-load your game

Easy deployment

Within minutes, Vulcan is up and running from the cloud, integrating and digesting data from your security, IT and DevOps tools


Instant prioritization

Vulcan fuses its proprietary remediation intelligence with the enterprise’s vulnerability and IT data instantaneously, enabling you to focus on the most business critical vulnerabilities


Automated Remediation

Once activated, Vulcan’s automation playbooks enable teams to drive their vulnerability remediation processes automatically, reducing vulnerability dwell time

Omer Singer
Vulcan correlated data that we had collected to our Snowflake data warehouse to give us a clear picture of the vulnerabilities that needed our attention. Using Vulcan's automation, our DevOps team was able to quickly close over 30% of server vulnerabilities in a key environment. This is the vulnerability management solution we've been waiting for."
  • Omer Singer
    Senior Director of Security
Joe Clarke
Vulcan has the capability to automate and orchestrate our vulnerability remediation processes, resulting in swift and easy prioritization and remediation"
  • Joe Clarke
    Security Engineering Manager at Informatica