Vulnerability prioritization

Vulnerability prioritization specific to your business

Intelligent vulnerability prioritization for application, cloud and infrastructure assets based on the real risk to your organization.

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Why vulnerability prioritization?


Too many manual processes

When it comes to identifying and analyzing thousands or millions of vulnerabilities and mitigating proactively, too many organizations are still dependent on slow, manual processes.


Lack of context

Trying to manage vulnerabilities without understanding your actual risk is a losing battle. Security teams prioritize based on risk ratings that lack the relevant context and business-specific impact to accurately focus on the risk that matters most.


Different risk assessments

Different scanners use different risk scoring models. Without having a common risk score that helps you navigate your next steps of remediation, risk prioritization will forever be inefficient.

Vulnerability prioritization with Vulcan Cyber

Prioritize based on actual risk

By contextualizing and enriching vulnerabilities with environmental and threat intelligence, the platform surfaces the critical and high vulnerabilities based on actual business risk.

Use attack path modeling to gain a graphical representation of the route threat actors could take across your environment.

Prioritize everything, everywhere

Deliver intelligent vulnerability prioritization technology (VPT) that automatically analyzes risk from application, cloud and infrastructure assets and correlates it against extensive organization-specific context, threat intelligence and exploit probability.

Quickly implement your mitigation strategies

Prioritize risk based on customizable logical groups like business unit, network segment, application and/or asset type, compliance requirements or any other grouping relevant to your environment.

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Manage the full cyber risk lifecycle, step-by-step.

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  • VM Scanners
  • CSPM
  • DAST
  • SAST
  • SCA
  • CMDB
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  • De duplication
  • Asset correlation
  • Vulnerability correlation
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  • Threat intelligence
  • Business context
  • Customized risk scoring
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  • Business Groups
  • Customized risk scoring
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  • Automation
  • Ticket assignment
  • Workflow API Access
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  • Ticketing system
  • IM Tools
  • Risk exception workflow
  • Remediation tracking
  • RBAC
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  • Dashboards
  • MGMT Reports
  • Operational tracking
  • Compliance reports
  • Customized reporting
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