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Vulcan Partners

The only way to get fix done is if teams and tools work together to achieve remediation outcomes. Vulcan and our partners can help.

Let’s get fix done together.

Technology Partners

Security and IT teams use hundreds of technologies to manage vulnerabilities. Vulcan Cyber typically doesn’t replace these tools. Our customers use the Vulcan platform to help vulnerability management teams and technologies get fix done. Vulcan orchestrates and enhances your scan, asset management, ticketing, collaboration, cloud security, DevOps, patch, DevOps and configuration management tools to reduce cyber security risk through remediation outcomes.

MSSPs and Channel Partners

Effective vulnerability remediation is hard work. With infrastructure scale and the number of new vulnerabilities growing exponentially year over year, we often need help staying ahead of the crush. Keep your business secure with the combined power of Vulcan Cyber orchestrated remediation and the expertise of one of our MSSP, consultancy or channel partners.

Partner with us.

You’ve come to the right place if want to become a Vulcan Cyber partner or register a customer opportunity. Fill out this form and we’ll be in touch soon.

Our partners said it.

“Outcome-driven vulnerability management is a substantial pain point for our customers. The Vulcan vulnerability remediation maturity model creates clarity and focus for vulnerability management programs while defining the best path to vulnerability remediation results. We applaud this initiative as we work with Vulcan Cyber to help our customers transition from simply managing vulnerabilities to actually remediating them.”
Cecil Pineda
 | Critical Start senior director