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Exposure risk management for every team.

Vulcan Free

The only free vulnerability
aggregation and prioritization tool.


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  • 1 users
  • Up to 1K secured assets
  • Up to 3 standard integrations
Vulcan Standard

For small to mid-sized teams going beyond prioritization to measure, manage and mitigate vulnerability risk.


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  • 3 | 10 users
  • 1K – 5K secured assets
  • Unlimited standard integrations
Vulcan Enterprise

For larger organizations with hyper-scale cyber risk management lifecycle requirements.

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  • Scalable user licensing
  • 5K+ secured assets
  • Unlimited standard and advanced integrations

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We help you manage cyber risk at every stage so you can go beyond scan to actually reduce vulnerability risk.


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Vulcan Free

Vulcan Standard

Vulcan Enterprise



3 | 10

Scalable user licensing

Secured assets


1K – 5K



Up to 3 standard integrations

Unlimited standard integrations

Unlimited standard and advanced integrations

Mitigation campaigns

Not included



Automated playbooks

Not included

Up to 5 active playbooks


Analytics & reporting

Dashboard only

Customizable analytics and reporting with 90 days of cyber risk data retention

Customizable data retention for analytics and reporting

API access

Not included



User access & security

Secure user access

Secure user access, MFA, SSO

Secure user access, MFA, SSO & RBAC


Slack workspace access

12×5 phone and email support, knowledge base access

Standard support plus premium options for 24×7 phone and email support

Vulcan Free

Vulcan Standard

Vulcan Enterprise

Frequently asked questions

Is there a time limit on Vulcan Free?

No, you can use Vulcan Free to prioritize cyber risk for as long as you want. But if you don’t actively use your Vulcan Free instance and then we’ll shut it down because these things cost money. If you’d like to do more with Vulcan Cyber we’re happy to schedule a demo. Keep in mind, use of Vulcan Free is limited to risk-based vulnerability prioritization.

Does Vulcan Free come with customer support?

We want you to have the best vulnerability management program around, so we’re providing Vulcan Free users with access to our amazing customer success and engineering team.

How much does a Vulcan Cyber paid subscription cost?

Vulcan Free is free, as in free. But if you need more than vulnerability prioritization, we offer Vulcan Enterprise for comprehensive cyber risk management and remediation orchestration. Hop on a demo and see what else you can get from Vulcan Cyber.

Is there a limit to what I can do with Vulcan Free?

Vulcan Free is changing the economics of the vulnerability management market by offering the industry’s only, free risk-based vulnerability prioritization tool. Request an upgrade to the Vulcan Cyber paid subscription when you are ready to go beyond vulnerability prioritization to manage cyber risk and drive remediation outcomes.

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