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Vulnerability correlation

Vulnerability scan data correlation across the entire attack surface

Scan data and vulnerability correlation from application, cloud and network assets for a smarter and more efficient approach to cyber risk management.

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Why vulnerability correlation?


Cyber risk management inefficiency

Managing vulnerabilities on an individual basis in distinct operating siloes is not feasible.


Duplicate scan data

Duplicate data and limited visibility into organization-wide risk means limited understanding of actual risk.


Conflicting prioritization

Prioritizing repeat vulnerability scan data leaves organizations without focus on the most critical and impactful cyber risk.

Vulnerability scan data correlation with Vulcan Cyber

Simplify scan data across scanners

Vulcan Cyber helps you streamline your cyber risk management by correlating vulnerability scan data tied to specific assets and groups. This increases your visibility and improves your security posture without duplicating efforts.

Correlate vulnerabilities across asset types and groups

The Vulcan Cyber Clusters feature lets you correlate the common threads that tie multiple vulnerabilities together, allowing you to look at vulnerabilities as related groups rather than specific flaws attached to individual assets.

Improve operating efficiency

Vulcan Cyber delivers insights about how a specific patch will reduce your overall risk, and lets you view, prioritize, and take unified action on vulnerabilities impacting the same assets.

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Manage the full cyber risk lifecycle, step-by-step.

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  • VM Scanners
  • CSPM
  • DAST
  • SAST
  • SCA
  • CMDB
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  • De duplication
  • Asset correlation
  • Vulnerability correlation
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  • Threat intelligence
  • Business context
  • Customized risk scoring
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  • Business Groups
  • Customized risk scoring
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  • Automation
  • Ticket assignment
  • Workflow API Access
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  • Ticketing system
  • IM Tools
  • Risk exception workflow
  • Remediation tracking
  • RBAC
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  • Dashboards
  • MGMT Reports
  • Operational tracking
  • Compliance reports
  • Customized reporting
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