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Vulnerability management processes

Orchestrate and automate across all attack surfaces

Accelerate and streamline risk mitigation across all attack surfaces with full vulnerability management orchestration and automation.

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Why risk remediation orchestration?


Blinkered data views

Tools limited to single attack surfaces may provide valuable vulnerability and risk analysis. But too often they lead to results that don’t reflect the true impact across the entire organization.


Independent operating silos

As with tools focusing on one attack surface, teams are rarely in communication with each other, leading to duplicate results and efforts, and a wide open target for threat actors to attack.


Slow, manual workflows

Organizations are still heavily reliant on manual efforts to orchestrate their cyber risk management operation, leading to slow and inefficient results and doing little to truly mitigate the risk.

Risk remediation orchestration with Vulcan Cyber

Orchestrate across the board

Vulcan Cyber orchestrates vulnerability management efforts across infrastructure, cloud and application environments. This makes it easy to identify, analyze, prioritize and mitigate vulnerabilities across the entire organization.

Cut out the repetitive processes

Vulcan Cyber lets you create playbooks to automate tedious but essential vulnerability management activities to reduce overhead and accelerate risk mitigation, and significantly lower mean time to resolution (MTTR).

Communicate risk clearly

Playbooks let you automate communication and collaboration between all relevant departments in an organization, letting you more effectively orchestrate vulnerability management in your environments.

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Manage the full cyber risk lifecycle, step-by-step.