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Hello. We’re Vulcan Cyber.

We give a fix.

When it comes to managing vulnerabilities, the concept is simple – find them and fix them. And yet, with all the powerful technologies built to help, all we end up with using legacy vulnerability management tools is a 20,000-item fix list. No playbook. No orchestration. No measurement. No remediation success. So we gather teams, piece together processes, and tackle as many as we can. But with no way to orchestrate the entire process from scan to fix, the list of unfixed vulnerabilities isn’t getting smaller any time soon.

We’re here to fix that.

At Vulcan Cyber we think vulnerability management is about way more than managing vulnerabilities – it’s about fixing them. So we built the platform designed to: Get. Fix. Done. It is time we made remediation the result of our security strategy – with a platform built to eliminate vulnerabilities, not just find them.

Vulcan Cyber Leadership

Yaniv Bar Dayan
Co-Founder & CEO
Tal Morgenstern
Co-Founder & CPO
Roy Horev
Co-Founder & CTO
Noa Kremer
Head of People Operations
Nevo Laron
Rhett Glauser
Jeff Ginter
Yaniv Bar Dayan
Co-Founder & CEO
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    The only way to get fix done is when teams and tools work together to achieve remediation outcomes. Vulcan Cyber and our partners can help.

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    You know remediation must be the outcome...the trick is convincing everybody else.
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    White Paper
    In theory, you could roll your own vulnerability remediation platform using free and open source tools. Here's how.

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