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What is a Vulcan

A Vulcan is an unstoppable force who’s constantly searching for new challenges. A Vulcan is a problem solver – even when the solution doesn’t fit its job description. A Vulcan paves its own path, yet loves to travel with the rest of the Vulcan family. A Vulcan makes kick ass technology. A Vulcan’s mission is to get fix done – a mission it takes very seriously. But, that’s about the only thing it takes seriously. Everything else is gravy.

Fix Strong and Prosper

There’s so much more to work that just doing your job. We believe you won’t crush it at work unless you’re also crushing it at life. And at Vulcan, we make sure you do both.

Always Be Growing

We’re proud of what we do, but always hungry for more. That’s why we encourage our Vulcans to invest in themselves – from Python to hackathons, or whatever else you’re into.

Perks and Recreation

Sure we get fix done, but at the end of the day Vulcan just want to have fun. Which is why hardly a week goes by without a happy hour, tech talk or pizza party to help us Vulcans kick back, relax and vibe as a team.

Food for Days

We put our money where your mouth is. Every Vulcan gets a healthy tab to cover their daily fix of the finest takeout cuisine, and catered dinners for whenever they burn the midnight oil.

Dogs Welcome

Because of course they are. Feel free to bring your furry friend into the offie as often as you’d like. They’ll have plenty of space to play, and get lots of love from the whole Vulcan family.

The Vulcans

Roni Freudenthal


Software Engineer

“Vulcan gives me the opportunity to work with highly talented, unique people, and chase shared goals. At Vulcan I get to live by my life motto: Be professional, be a constant learner, spread the love, and have pizza every Wednesday.”

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