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Collaborative security

Collaborate on vulnerability and risk mitigation strategies

Automate communication and collaboration for vulnerability and risk lifecycle management across all departments.

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Why is collaboration so important?


Too many cooks in the kitchen

Risk mitigation has become an organization-wide effort, with DevOps, SecOps, and application development teams all involved in managing aspects of the vulnerability and cyber risk lifecycle.


Working in silos

Teams still primarily operate in silos, each using the communication tools and operating processes that they prefer, which hinders the collaboration necessary to effectively manage cyber risk across all attack surfaces.


Communicating progress

Managing and mitigating risk is not only a security problem, but also a business problem. Without proper collaboration between teams, communicating mitigation progress is much harder, leaving relevant stakeholders in the dark.

Risk management collaboration with Vulcan Cyber

Communicate using the tools teams prefer

Vulcan Cyber integrates with the communication and operation tools that your teams prefer, like Jira, ServiceNow, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and others, to let you automatically communicate what each team needs to know.

Manage risk as one

Vulcan Cyber breaks down the barriers between different departments to help create a culture where the entire organization is pulling together to manage risk.

Automate collaboration for faster resolution

Vulcan Cyber has a simple playbook builder that lets you create automated collaboration processes. Playbooks can automatically open trouble tickets or other lines of communication to deliver the context necessary to act upon any risk.

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Manage the full cyber risk lifecycle, step-by-step.