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Multi-cloud security: what you need to know

By Orani Amroussi
 | Oct 18, 2021
While the multi-cloud approach carries with it many benefits, a significant barrier to adoption is what it means for cyber security programs in the face of a much more complex environment. This blog covers all you need to know about multi-cloud security, and everything you can do to protect your assets as you take advantage of the cloud.
Cloud providers are offering native security tools to put their customers at ease in the face of cloud migration challenges. It's a good start that should be welcomed. But it's only the first step.
Apache released a security patch that fixes a critical vulnerability in Apache HTTP Server - CVE-2021-41773. Here's what you need to know.

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CVE-2013-0229 and CVE-2012-5958 have recently reappeared on the radar of cybersecurity professionals. Here, we cover what they are, and how to fix them.

Application Security programs in 2021

By Orani Amroussi
 | Oct 3, 2021
How are security professionals managing their application security programs in 2021?

Vulnerability trends for Q3 – Remedy Cloud review

By Orani Amroussi
 | Sep 29, 2021
Q3 has seen new and old vulnerabilities rise to the top of cybersecurity professionals' to-fix lists. From the Vulcan Remedy Cloud, here are the most talked-about, together with their fixes.
This blog post explores a few of the primary requirements of PCI DSS and the ways Vulcan Cyber®, the world’s first SaaS platform for risk remediation, can help make compliance hassle-free.
Our take on vulnerability disclosure, after Blackberry's failure to publish CVE-2021-22156.

9 AWS Security Tools You Should Know About

By Roy Horev
 | Aug 24, 2021
For the final blog post in our series on native cloud security tools, here are nine tools for AWS that should form a key component of your cloud security program.
CVE-2021-34550 was one of the most searched vulnerabilities in the Vulcan Remedy cloud for July 2021. Here's how to fix it.
In this blog post, we’ll explore five Azure security tools you should know about.
CVE-2021-34527, the Windows Print Spooler Remote Code Execution Vulnerability was one of July's most visited vulnerabilities in our Remedy Cloud. Here's how to fix it.
In a survey of enterprise IT security executives, 76% of respondents indicated IT vulnerabilities had impacted their business in the last year.

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