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What is a Microsoft Exchange Server vulnerability and how to get it fixed with Remedy Cloud?

By Gal Gonen
 | May 4, 2021
Learn what is a Microsoft Exchange Server vulnerability, one of the most popular searches on Vulcan Remedy Cloud, and how to get it fixed.
Learn how to promote good risk management process by avoiding these five mistakes in your vulnerability remediation efforts.
The ultimate goal of vulnerability remediation is to reduce cyber risk. Traditional vulnerability management never stood a chance to drive remediation outcomes but it was a good start. This post defines best practices to get fix done.

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As an additional service to the IT security industry, we share monthly Remedy Cloud usage trend data, completely anonymized of course. In this post, we highlight trend analytics for the most-searched CVEs and security vulnerabilities over the last 60 days.
Vulcan Cyber is now integrated with CrowdStrike Falcon and available from the CrowdStrike Store for orchestrated endpoint protection and vulnerability remediation.

Fix the Sudo Command Vulnerability, Again

By Gal Gonen
 | Mar 30, 2021
Use Remedy Cloud remediation intelligence to fix the latest two sudo command vulnerabilities.

A cyber security investment to change an industry

By Yaniv Bar-Dayan
 | Mar 18, 2021
These are exciting times at Vulcan Cyber. A few days ago we celebrated our third anniversary and today we are thrilled to announce a cyber security investment that will change our industry in more ways than one.
Vulcan Cyber raises series B funding round of $21 million led by Dawn Capital.

Fixing the Spectre CPU Vulnerability

By Gal Gonen
 | Mar 8, 2021
The Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities are back. Variations of a vulnerability affecting most modern microprocessors now have a published exploit. Use Remedy Cloud for the remedies you need to get fix done.

Fix the Cisco router vulnerability, CVE-2021-1289

By Rhett Glauser
 | Feb 24, 2021
If you need to know how to fix the Cisco router vulnerability, CVE-2021-1289, you’ve come to the right place. Using Remedy Cloud, this blog post will answer most of the questions you might have about the latest vulnerability to impact Cisco Small Business routers.

How to fix the VMware Workspace One vulnerability

By Rhett Glauser
 | Feb 16, 2021
Learn how to use Remedy Cloud remediation intelligence to fix the VMware Workspace One vulnerability.
Protect your business against the next Russian cyber attack by implementing collaborative cyber hygiene practices between security and IT operations teams. Here's how.

Fix CVE-2017-14491 Using Vulcan Remedy Cloud

By Rhett Glauser
 | Jan 29, 2021
Learn how to fix CVE-2017-14491 using remediation intelligence from Vulcan Remedy Cloud. It's easy and free...what more do you need?

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