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Apple vulnerability trends for 2022

By Lior Ben Dayan
 | Jun 29, 2022
Here are the top Apple vulnerability trends to be aware of in 2022. Stay ahead of the threat actors and take action today.
OT security, Microsoft RDP. Cloud migration security challenges. Another week, another addition to the ongoing tale of cyber risk.
If you're a coder, security is important but may not be the priority. Here are the top secure coding practices for safer development.

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This week's roundup features stories from Citirix ADM, Sharepoint, Pegasus, and more. Read the latest news from the world of cyber risk.
Here are some of the best virtual cyber security conferences to attend from the comfort of your home, office, or wherever you might be.
A Linux vulnerability, ransomware fallout, hidden threats lurking under the radar for years - here's the latest roundup of this week's news.
Vulcan Cyber, developers of the cyber risk management platform for infrastructure, application, and cloud security, today announced the company has been recognized as a Next Gen Risk Management company in the 10th Annual Global InfoSec Awards from Cyber Defense Magazine. 
As we hurtle through cyberspace, we encounter more and more threats and curiosities. Here's the latest roundup from the cyber risk galaxy.

The road to risk-based security success

By Orani Amroussi
 | Jun 1, 2022
Today, teams struggle to manage and mitigate cyber risk, contending with IT environments that sprawl increasingly across siloed teams, tools, and technologies. But there are actions teams can take to help them navigate the new threatscapes. 
Here’s everything you need to know about CVE-2022-30190 - the new zero-day vulnerability in MSDT that affects Microsoft Word files.

First officer’s log – week 2

By Mike Parkin
 | May 30, 2022
Exploring cyberspace is filled with perils and rewards. Here's the latest entry from our first officer.
Serious issues have been found with an independently produced update to the CTX package in Python, potentially affecting millions of users who unknowingly installed it. Here's what you need to know.
the Print Spooler vulnerability is just the tip of the iceberg. Learn the most popular Windows CVEs of the year, and how to fix them.

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