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How to make your cyber risk data work for you: the power of Vulcan Cyber Magic Search

We are excited to introduce a filtering enhancement to the Vulcan Cyber platform, designed to assist security professionals in discovering, organizing, and understanding their cyber risk data.

Dror Malovany | February 14, 2024


Simplifying cyber risk data complexity

One of the key challenges in managing cyber risk is dealing with the complexity of the data. Magic Search simplifies this complexity by giving customers the ability to slice, dice, and filter CVEs, vulnerabilities, products, and software effortlessly. The data now works for them, offering a level of flexibility that was once inaccessible. With the filtering capability, Vulcan Cyber users can:

  • Filter the “hot CVEs” that effect specific operating systems and/or external facing assets.
  • Filter and search for complex combinations e.g “vulnerabilities with CVSS higher then 9, that were last seen in the last week and are on production critical assets”.
  • Filter assets and vulnerabilities based on time – e.g. “that were not scanned in the last two weeks”.
  • Save searches to recall complex queries, ensuring they can quickly access valuable information whenever needed.


magic search filtering cyber risk data


Built for enterprise scale

Magic Search isn’t just a search tool; it’s a data game changer. It’s designed to help enterprises navigate the amount of cyber risk data coming from their security tools (integrations).

Comprehensive and granular views

With Magic Search, customers can now gain both comprehensive and granular views of their cyber risk data. This dynamic capability allows for a nuanced filtering of vulnerabilities, products, software, and more. The result? A 360-degree view that enables better prioritization and a more focused approach to risk remediation efforts.

Empowering users

With Magic Search, data is no longer a constraint – but a force. This feature grants the flexibility to work with data in a way that suits every need. It’s a paradigm shift where the data adapts to the user, not the other way around, providing control to its users. 

Making every data point count

Magic Search is about making every data point count and ensuring that users can extract meaningful insights without being overwhelmed by the amount of cyber risk information. It’s about giving our customers the ability to navigate their cyber risk management journey through data.


The bottom line

With the power to see both the big picture and the minute details, our customers can now own their data, filter according to their needs, and prioritize risk effectively. Simplify the complexity of your cyber risk and put your data to work. Schedule a Vulcan Cyber demo to see magic search in action, or try Vulcan Free.


see vulcan cyber magic search filtering in action


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