10 Network security scanners you should know about in 2022

New year, new cyber risk. Here are the top 10 network security you need to know about in 2022, from Vulcan Cyber

Derek Hays | May 08, 2022

The best network security scanners offer two fundamental features:

  • For optimal network scanner security, your scanner should be able to pinpoint different devices, operating systems, ports, and software connected to a network. Your scanner should then be able to link this information with any recent vulnerabilities. An expert network security scanner should also identify misconfigurations and missing security controls or policies within a network. 
  • Once potential issues like vulnerabilities are discovered, your scanner should prioritize them according to risk. 

However, even with these two fundamental features in mind, it can be difficult to narrow down which network scanners you should choose for 2022. That’s why we’re listing out ten excellent choices. 

1. OpenVas

This open-source scanner is a free vulnerability manager used for Linux. It can also be accessed on Windows via a VM. Security teams can rectify issues using their database of test plugins. 

2. ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus

This network scanner comes with both free and paid versions for Windows. Services include automated mitigation and vulnerability scanning. 

3. Rapid7 Nexpose

If you need a scanner that works in multiple environments, Rapid7 Nexpose is an excellent choice. This scanner has virtual, cloud, physical, and mobile platforms capabilities. Rapid7 can help, starting from discovering risks to mitigating any potential risks. 

4. Paessler Network Vulnerability Monitoring with PRTG

This scanner comes with the PRTG resource monitoring system, a network monitoring tool used to ensure that computer systems are operating smoothly. Using the Paessler Network Vulnerability tool, you can check logs, monitor any traffic patterns, and guard ports. You’re free to use this tool with up to 100 sensors. 

5. Tripwire IP360

With a network management program that continuously searches for identities and responds to any threats, Tripwire IP360 can assist security teams in creating strategies to reduce risk. This scanner can identify critical weaknesses, including hidden devices. It will also prioritize risks and apply remediation tasks. 

6. Nexpose Community Edition

When using Nexpose Community Edition, it’s free to scan up to 32 IP addresses. This software works by discovering and logging all your network-connected devices. After finding your devices, Nexpose will analyze them and alert you if there are any vulnerabilities. 

7. Tenable Nessus

Tenable Nessus is great when working with a team or multiple teams. You can use the software to share scan policies, results, and schedules between groups. Tenable Nessus will alert you and your team if there are any potential vulnerabilities that malicious hackers may try to exploit. 

8. CrowdStrike Falcon

This cloud-based network scanner is a next-generation antivirus (NGAV) software that uses endpoint detection and response (EDR) to identify known malware. It also utilizes machine learning for unidentified malware and has a threat-hunting program. 

9. Syxsense Secure

This program is also a cloud-based scanner. This scanner features automated remediation processes and regular vulnerability scanning. 

10. SecPod SanerNow Vulnerability Management

This SaaS cyber-hygiene software offers optimal network scanner security features. It centers around being a vulnerability manager and providing protection tools that mitigate risks once the scanner identifies key vulnerabilities. 

Why Do You Need a Network Security Scanner?

Just about any network can benefit from an expert security scanner. This is especially true if your office consists of several devices and hosts. Even when you’re responsible for just a small number of devices and hosts, having the proper vulnerability management system can help identify potential risks before they happen and mitigate risks that do appear. 

When running a team or organization, you want to ensure you have the proper tools to protect your data and private information. Manual monitoring is ineffective, but it can take attention away from other key aspects of your operations. In 2022 there are several security scanners to choose from. 

But even the best scanner will only take you so far. Having a solution like the Vulcan Cyber risk management platform on your side can  integrate with your network security scanner to identify and eliminate any risks or vulnerabilities. Try Vulcan Cyber today!

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