Vulcan Cyber announces the agenda for the CyberRisk Summit July 2022

Vulcan Cyber, developers of the cyber risk management platform for infrastructure, application, and cloud security, today announced the agenda for the CyberRisk Summit, where cyber security experts will share best practices and modern approaches in cyber risk management.

Gal Gonen | July 22, 2022

Vulcan Cyber to showcase the leading cybersecurity minds and technologies at CyberRisk Summit 2022

TEL AVIV, IsraelJuly 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Vulcan Cyber®, developers of the cyber risk management platform for infrastructure, application, and cloud security, today announced the agenda for the CyberRisk Summit July 2022. Cybersecurity innovators and leaders will join Vulcan Cyber experts to share best practices and modern approaches in cyber risk management, vulnerability prioritization, and risk mitigation orchestration. The semi-annual event is virtual and free and will take place on Wednesday, July 27, starting at 11 a.m. EDT.

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“As threats and exploits grow more sophisticated, the cybersecurity industry must not only keep pace but stay a step ahead of bad actors,” said Yaniv Bar-Dayan, CEO and co-founder of Vulcan Cyber. “With the CyberRisk Summit we’re bringing together the best and brightest in cybersecurity to offer insight into the technologies and strategies they use to reduce meaningful cyber risk in their specific organizations. Attendees will have an opportunity to glean a great deal of insight from the speakers’ hands-on expertise and real-world deployments in complex, often highly-regulated environments.”

The CyberRisk Summit includes keynotes and breakout sessions led by a diverse group of Vulcan Cyber executives, product leaders, and cyber security experts. Session content will focus on practical approaches to drive meaningful cybersecurity and risk management for digital businesses through risk-based vulnerability prioritization, orchestration and remediation programs.

Attendees will see real-world implementations of the Vulcan Cyber platform as it reduces business risk by unifying the teams, tools, and processes needed to make vulnerability management work toward delivering real cloud, application, and IT security outcomes.

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CyberRisk Summit July 2022 – featured sessions include:

  • Opening Keynote: Yaniv Bar-Dayan, CEO and Co-founder, Vulcan Cyber – A view into the future of cyber risk management.
  • Security Research Panel Keynote: Ortal Keizman, Head of Research at Vulcan Cyber; Gafnit Amiga, Security Researcher at Lightspin; Yuval Lazar, Security Researcher at Pentera – Learn how leading cyber security researchers have honed their craft to identify the vulnerabilities that present the most risk to business.
  • Vulcan Cyber Product Sessions:
    • Reducing the Burden of Vulnerability Management Tasks at Scale: Noy Sinai, VP Operations at Vulcan Cyber; Tony Taylor, Solutions Architect at Vulcan Cyber – Learn about using Vulcan Cyber to reduce vulnerability management task fatigue through deduplication of effort, automation, and new Vulcan Cyber features like vulnerability clusters.
    • Orchestrating Application Vulnerability ManagementTal Morgenstern, Chief Strategy Officer at Vulcan Cyber; Susana D’sa, Solutions Architect at Vulcan Cyber – Learn about using Vulcan Cyber for application vulnerability management, including application security posture management, as well as application security orchestration, and correlation.
    • Risk Data In, Risk Data Out: Kevin Broughton, Director of Product Marketing at Vulcan Cyber; Mike Parkin, Technical Engineer at Vulcan Cyber – Learn about the latest features from Vulcan Cyber that help your teams collect, consolidate, and analyze the cyber risk data your business needs. Learn how Vulcan ConnectX and Vulcan Analytics can be used to gain precise insights into vulnerability risk and security posture of your specific business.

Registration is free and the event is virtual.

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Vulcan Cyber has developed the industry’s first cyber risk management platform, built to help businesses reduce cyber risk through measurable and efficient infrastructure, cloud and application security programs. The Vulcan platform orchestrates and tracks the cyber risk management and remediation lifecycle from scan to fix by prioritizing vulnerabilities, curating and delivering the best remedies, and automating mitigation processes through the last mile of remediation at scale. Vulcan Cyber is proud to offer Remedy Cloud and Vulcan Free as freemium SaaS solutions for IT security teams at businesses of all sizes. The unique capability of the Vulcan Cyber platform has garnered Vulcan Cyber recognition as a 2019 Gartner Cool Vendor and as a 2020 RSA Conference Innovation Sandbox finalist.

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