Vulcan Cyber a finalist in CRN Tech Innovator awards 2022

Vulcan Cyber was named a finalist in CRN's Tech Innovator awards, in the security management category. Here's what it means for our industry.

Yaniv Bar-Dayan | November 15, 2022

Since 2018, we’ve been talking about the need for better cyber risk management in organizations handling enormous amounts of vulnerability data. IT security teams across all industries face an uphill battle to make sense of the swaths of information they’re having to work with, in a race to keep critical data secure. 

Vulcan Cyber® was built from the ground up to alleviate this pressure on security teams, and empower a scalable and efficient cyber risk management program. We’re proud to have been named a finalist of CRN’s Tech Innovator Awards 2022, in the security management category.

More importantly, we’re thrilled that our work is being recognized as a category all on its own. Cyber risk management – or “owning risk” – is about rallying all the people, processes, and tools involved in the risk mitigation effort around a clear and easily communicated goal. From consolidation to prioritization to reporting and automation. From Development to DevOps, and across all attack surfaces. 

But sometimes, the mass of information and sprawling and siloed teams and workflows mean that the idea of an holistic approach to mitigating cyber risk can seem unattainable. IT security practitioners must lead the change, making better sense of the data, communicating cyber risk as business risk, and giving teams the information and tools they need to turn the risk mitigation process into an organization-wide effort. 

Today’s threats are growing, and organizations must grow with them to keep their data safe. Amplifying the conversation on cyber risk management is the first step, and CRN’s award category only demonstrates that people are ready to talk.

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