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Fix CVE 2017 14491 Using Vulcan Remedy Cloud

Learn how to fix CVE-2017-14491 using remediation intelligence from Vulcan Remedy Cloud. It's easy and free...what more do you need?

Rhett | January 29, 2021

In this blog post we’ll look at how to use the remediation intelligence found in Vulcan Remedy Cloud to fix CVE-2017-14491, the notorious, and long-troublesome dnsmasq vulnerability. Hopefully you don’t still need help to fix CVE-2017-14491 … it is 2021 after all. But this CVE is still a good example of one that was a pain to fix.

Assuming you’ve already used your favorite scanner from Tenable or Qualys to identify instances of the vulnerability in your environment, and you’ve prioritized these instances based on risk they create for your business, now the fun part begins. How do we fix CVE-2017-14491? Where do we even start?

A quick search of “CVE-2017-14491″ in Remedy Cloud turns up 91 fixes. Not exactly helpful, but if we apply the OS filter for “Redhat” the results are reduced to six, and if we filter even further on OS version “Redhat 7” we end up with two results. Now we’re getting somewhere.

As a reminder, Remedy Cloud is a free service from Vulcan Cyber. It is a searchable library of tens of thousands of fixes for the CVEs that keep you up at night. While I’ve focused this post on how to fix CVE-2017-14491, you should let Remedy Cloud take a run at the vulnerabilities you’re working to fix.

Once you’ve found the fixes you’re looking for you’ll have a few options to get fix done. Depending on the vulnerability, Remedy Cloud will provide different types of remedies including patches, configuration changes and mitigating actions, compensating controls and workarounds.

You’ll see that the fix for CVE-2017-14491 includes configuration changes that can be downloaded as a script for Ansible, Chef, or Puppet configuration automation tools. Get the exact right script to your sysadmins or DevOps folks to get fix done at scale.

fix CVE-2017-14491

This is remediation intelligence. It is critical to IT security teams that want to go beyond just vulnerability scanning to get the job done with transformative vulnerability remediation.

Vulcan Cyber provides remediation intelligence as a key component of our fully integrated vulnerability remediation orchestration platform, or you can tap into it through Remedy Cloud for free.

Remediation intelligence from Vulcan Cyber ultimately provides:

  • Remediation-focused prioritization.
  • Rapid identification of the right fix, right away.
  • An optimal path for impactful remediation.
  • A single source of remediation truth for all stakeholders.
  • The right remedy to the right patch manager, IT operations, DevOps or SRE.
  • Scalable automation from script generation to remediation playbook-triggered orchestration.

If you’d like to learn more about remediation intelligence start using Remedy Cloud today for free today, or watch this presentation and demo from The Remediation Summit titled, “Easy Remedies for Your Top Vulnerabilities.”

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