How penetration testing software can protect your business

Virtually every business is susceptible to cyber threats. Find out how penetration testing software can identify and manage your vulnerabilities.

David Gruberger | June 01, 2022

These days, cyber hackers have many automated tools at their disposal, making it easier than ever to exploit the vulnerabilities of your company’s data systems. But with a  proactive approach, you can strengthen your cyber weak spots and be prepared to face an attack. 

If your organization has a network presence, then penetration testing software can be a handy tool in creating a strong security plan.

What is penetration (“pen”) testing and how does it Work? 

A penetration test is a cybersecurity technique also known as ethical hacking. It aims to identify, test, and evaluate weaknesses in an organization’s security posture

To accomplish these goals, ethical hackers imitate the actions and strategies of attackers in breaching networks, computer systems, and web applications. In other words, they intentionally launch simulated cyber attacks to determine exploitable issues. 

With the help of penetration testing software, pen testers run attacks such as adware installation, phishing, backdoor creation, or identification of open ports. They also exploit system misconfigurations and look for patterns that can be misused. Organizations can then take note of flaws in their cybersecurity, repair them, and develop new defenses.

Why does your business or organization need pen testing? 

Whether you run a small business or a large global enterprise, your team can benefit from penetration testing. Here is some of what it can do:

Protect your customer base

Even a single security incident is enough to break customer trust and loyalty in today’s fiercely competitive market. With the help of a professional pen tester and powerful penetration testing software, you can maintain a solid security system. 


In turn, you protect both your business and customers’ data. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you have truly tested your network, applications, and systems for vulnerabilities.

Manage risks

Identifying vulnerabilities is the first step in warding off potential security threats. Take note that hackers often exploit and combine seemingly minor vulnerabilities to create high-risk weaknesses. 


Ethical testers use penetration testing software to discover risks even before hackers have the chance to take advantage of them. They help proactively remediate threats and apply necessary security patches and fortifications.

Prioritize risks

Pen tests provide a detailed overview of exploitable vulnerabilities using risk-oriented prioritization. They allow you to prioritize risks, plan your remediation efforts, and allocate security resources accordingly. 

For instance, you can immediately address weaknesses that can cripple your organization if targeted, then later transition to vulnerabilities that are harder to exploit and would inflict less damage (or take longer to do so).

Test your security strategy

Since pen-testing gives you insight into how a hacker may breach your system, it’s also one way to assess your security defenses. Additionally, it allows you to identify unknown or overlooked vulnerabilities in your web application, server, or network. 

Using software for penetration testing, you won’t have to wonder how an attack could occur and be caught off guard. You will also learn which aspects aren’t functioning properly and which policies are most effective.

Cost saving

Time is money, so application and network downtime during a breach can cost you. Even a small incident can become an expensive situation, with IT downtimes costing $5,600 per minute on average

Performing pen testing reduces downtimes and ensures continuous productivity and availability. You can also avoid expenses associated with remediation and recovery after a breach. 

Comply with regulatory standards

Pen testing helps ensure compliance requirements for securing auditing procedures, such as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and SOC 2. It can involve using penetration testing software to exploit your infrastructure and demonstrate how hackers could get hold of sensitive data. 

Your organization can also comply with regulatory standards like ISO 27001 and stay ahead of attack strategies through periodic testing. Not only can you avoid fines due to non-compliance, but you can also demonstrate to your clients due diligence in your information security.

Use Vulcan Cyber for pen testing

Discovering your weaknesses before potential attackers do is one of the best ways to secure your IT structure. You can enhance your privacy and security through penetration testing software and make it easier to achieve business success. 

Vulcan Cyber identifies security gaps for your team and optimizes your security resources. It works by integrating with your tools, prioritizing tasks, and delivering solutions to give you full control over risks. All you need to do is add Vulcan Cyber and connect it to your risk management process.

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