Vulcan Cyber Introduces cyber risk data correlation to efficiently consolidate and mitigate application, cloud and IT vulnerabilities

New capabilities deliver a more intelligent, streamlined approach to cyber risk correlation for organizations consuming large amounts of risk data.

Gal Gonen | October 07, 2022

TEL AVIV, ISRAELOCT. 7, 2022 — Vulcan Cyber, developers of the cyber risk management platform for infrastructure, application, and cloud vulnerabilities, today announced the availability of its new intelligent risk correlation feature. This new and unique approach to cyber risk lifecycle management correlates and deduplicates vulnerability data tied to specific assets, groups improving vulnerability mitigation efficiency. It enables teams to generate contextualized insights about vulnerability risk, prioritize specific remediation activities, and drive mitigation campaigns that have the greatest potential to reduce risk and improve security posture.

According to ESG, 43% of cybersecurity and IT professionals surveyed rate vulnerability prioritization among the most significant challenges they face in managing vulnerabilities and risk.

Vulcan Cyber intelligent risk correlation helps IT security teams quickly identify the vulnerabilities that require immediate attention based on criticality to the organization and its cyber assets. Then based on overall impact to the organization, Vulcan Cyber orchestrates remediation and risk reduction strategies based on actual security posture of the user environment, then initiates bulk remediation actions across assets and asset types, drastically reducing median time to remediation (MTTR).

“Our customers and prospects are overwhelmed by vulnerability scan and cyber risk data. They need the ability to clearly understand the real impact of cyber risk in the context of their business if they are going to have a chance to reduce vulnerability risk efficiently across all of their cyber surfaces,” said Yaniv Bar-Dayan, CEO, Vulcan Cyber. “The new intelligent risk correlation capabilities in the Vulcan Cyber platform enable unified security posture management through data-driven vulnerability mitigation campaigns to reduce prioritized, critical cyber risk.”

Vulcan Cyber intelligent risk correlation includes the ability to

  • Deduplicate vulnerability data at the vulnerability level to reduce critical risk data and streamline vulnerability and risk analysis.
  • Deduplicate assets detected by scanners, infrastructure, and configuration management database (CMDB) data.
  • Consolidate high-level risk from software components and correlates findings from separate scanners, as well as within the same scanner.
  • Focus remediation action at scale for large vulnerability “clusters” or affected software on one or more asset types to reduce the steps necessary to perform risk mitigation.
  • View unique vulnerabilities based on affected software.
  • Aggregate vulnerabilities coming from multiple tools based on CVE.
  • Bring together vulnerability and risk data from all attack surfaces onto one display.

Vulcan Cyber intelligent risk correlation is now available to Vulcan Cyber customers. To learn more click here.

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Vulcan Cyber has developed the industry’s first cyber risk management platform, built to help businesses reduce cyber risk through measurable and efficient infrastructure, cloud and application security programs. The Vulcan platform orchestrates and tracks the cyber risk management and remediation lifecycle from scan to fix by prioritizing vulnerabilities, curating and delivering the best remedies, and automating mitigation processes through the last mile of remediation at scale. Vulcan Cyber is proud to offer Remedy Cloud and Vulcan Free as freemium SaaS solutions for IT security teams at businesses of all sizes. The unique capability of the Vulcan Cyber platform has garnered Vulcan Cyber recognition as a 2019 Gartner Cool Vendor and as a 2020 RSA Conference Innovation Sandbox finalist.

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