Remediation Easy Button with Vulcan Cyber Service Now Integration

Close out remediation campaigns in ServiceNow and Vulcan with the new remediation easy button.

Rhett | December 11, 2020

It’s always a nice feeling to finish a project, resolve a service request, or remediate a vulnerability and then click the “Closed,” “Done,” or “Complete” button on the task. The satisfaction of being able to cross an item off the to-do list is undeniable, and this is especially true if you work in vulnerability management and the essence of your job is to drive outcomes all the way through to remediation. Everybody needs a vulnerability remediation easy button.

At Vulcan Cyber we like to say, “get fix done,” because that’s the point, isn’t it? For decades the “vulnerability management” tooling industry has settled for less than optimal outcomes. Frankly, the vulnerability management market has been mislabeled. Vulnerability scanning is not management. Vulnerability scanning combined with prioritization isn’t management either…and it definitely isn’t remediation.

We aren’t saying that scanning or prioritization aren’t useful or important. They are, and you probably have numerous best of breed tools you already use for the discovery and making sense of your security posture. But if you stop at a prioritized list of vulns and your remit is to get fix done, you probably feel a bit empty inside when you hand that list of vulnerabilities to the IT operations and DevOps team on a wish and a prayer. You know the other teams have a long list of priorities but you don’t know where your precious vulnerabilities fall on that list. Here’s hoping they get fixed in a timely manner.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Vulcan Cyber exists to orchestrate vulnerability remediation from scan to fix by working with your existing tools across security and IT functions to automate as much of the process as possible. In the most recent Vulcan release there are a couple of examples of what we are doing to help you automate “get fix done” including a new remediation easy button for ServiceNow customers.

In the most recent Vulcan Cyber™ release we made it super simple to close out a vulnerability remediation campaign through a ServiceNow ticket. Most of our customers use ServiceNow to coordinate the handoff of prioritized vulnerabilities, and their associated fixes, from the security team to the appropriate IT teams. In the Vulcan platform we call the full scan-to-fix process a “remediation campaign.” A campaign supports your company’s entire vulnerability remediation workflow providing automation, intelligence and analytics all the way through to fix, or “Closed.”

To use this new feature simply go to Campaigns -> ServiceNow in the Vulcan platform and you’ll find the ability to change ticket status to “Closed” in Vulcan, and automatically mark the associated ServiceNow tickets as “Done.”

If you aren’t a current Vulcan Cyber customer and you’d like to see how Vulcan can help you get the most out of your existing tools, including ServiceNow, sign up for the free version of Vulcan which includes the ability to run one concurrent remediation campaign. And we integrate with dozens of other tools you already use right out of the box making it easy to get started. As a bonus, you’ll get to experience the satisfaction of pushing the “Closed” button.

Here are a few more new and notable features we released in November:

  • In-app notifications for remediation actions, playbooks and major changes in connectors.
  • AWS Account ID now automatically-generates tags on AWS assets.
  • Now you can add data to the “take action -> tickets” field in CSV files.
  • Asset top risk is now numeric and corresponds to the risk of the highest vulnerability that affects the asset, instead of just a critical or high designation.
  • Now you can filter and sort images by type and repository with added filter granularity by OS and OS version.

If you have any questions about the latest release of Vulcan, join us in our community Slack channel or request a demo of the Vulcan platform here. See the remediation easy button in action.

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