Fix Vulnerabilities with Risk Management Software

Finding vulnerabilities isn't enough. You need to organize, prioritize and fix them. The best way to do that? Cyber risk management software.

Gal Gonen | October 27, 2021

How important is cyber risk management software to modern cyber security teams? We’ll tell you. 

Untreated vulnerabilities in a system that have been exploited externally can turn into threats which can then lead to greater cyber risk. With the online landscape and scale of networks used by enterprises, it is almost impossible to manually keep track of vulnerabilities within a system. Cyber risk management software can do this for you by prioritizing vulnerabilities based on level of risk and help automate the fixing process. This way, your security team can identify high-stakes vulnerabilities that need immediate attention over threats that have little impact on your particular business.

Cyber risk management software uses existing data or projections to help identify risk and propose measures to prevent such breaches.

Risk assessment software can help enforce cybersecurity by prioritizing your organization’s critical assets. By doing so, it can determine any vulnerabilities in the system to prevent unauthorized access. And when automated, it can scale to meet various frameworks and compliance mandates as needed.

In order to fix network vulnerabilities, you’ll need to implement some form of Vulnerability Management, and that’s where Vulcan comes in. 

Vulcan provides vulnerability management tools to help you integrate your own tools to make the  remediation process more seamless. From remediation to getting fix done, Vulcan has the functionality needed for quicker and more effective risk management.

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