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Application Security programs in 2021

How are security professionals managing their application security programs in 2021?

Orani Amroussi | October 03, 2021

Application security has emerged as a popular target for attackers in 2021. Developers continue to release new features and capabilities at pace, leaving security gaps ready to be exploited. But as the list of vulnerabilities grows, are security professionals keeping up?

Consolidating data from Forrester, Barracuda, Edgescan, and our own research with Pulse – this infographic shows how enterprise cybersecurity teams in 2021 are managing their application security programs in the face of mounting vulnerabilities and threats
appsec infographic 

Every attack surface needs its own specialized strategy to defend against attackers. Part of this is applying a prioritization model for vulnerabilities that takes into account an organization’s unique risk profile.

Immature cybersecurity programs are easily exploited and face major data breaches if not updated or adapted. In the case of application security, it may be tempting for organizations to prioritize continuous development and the constant release of new features or products in order to keep up with customer demand.

But it’s equally important to consider the security ramifications of this progress, and take steps to stay ahead of potential issues. There must be a balance between sustained innovation and robust security workflows in order to ensure organizations maintain their high standards of development alongside the security of their data.

A downloadable version of the above infographic can be found here.

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