Vulcan Cyber announced as Optiv Future Point strategic partner

Orani Amroussi | August 09, 2022

Vulcan Cyber® is proud to be included as one of only four strategic partners in the recently launched Optiv Future Point program, and the only vendor representing the vulnerability remediation category. 

The two organizations will work together in driving effective cyber risk management outcomes,  with Vulcan Cyber delivering Optiv customers the capabilities to reduce MTTR, to better prioritize and analyze their vulnerabilities, and to help eliminate organizational silos between IT, DevOps, and SecOps through automated communication and collaboration. Leveraging our shared expertise and resources, organizations will be better equipped to address evolving cyber security pain points. 

What is Future Point?

Cyber security is not just about preventing emerging threats and fixing existing vulnerabilities. Organizations must also anticipate future challenges that could affect them. This – naturally – is easier said than done. 

“It cannot be overstated: the technology landscape is immense and constantly shifting; cybersecurity must keep up to properly defend businesses. Never-ending change drives the ceaseless need for the identification and implementation of controls that will reduce risk and provide a solid defense.” Woodrow Brown, Vice President of Research & Development, Optiv

Cyber security professionals know this all too well. That’s why there’s no shortage of commentary on “trends to expect” and “technologies to watch out for“. And it’s why Optiv has launched Future Point – focusing on identifying and mitigating current and future cyber risk. 

Optiv’s Future Point provides research and insights addressing cyber security challenges in emerging or growing technologies. In its first iteration, the project will focus on:

  1. Data security
  2. IOT/OT security
  3. Application security
  4. Vulnerability/risk remediation

According to Optiv: 

“With Optiv Future Point, our intention is to identify, vet and increase visibility for Optiv solutions and innovative technology partners to better provide that defense.”

Read their blog announcing the launch of Future Point here

Where does Vulcan Cyber fit in?

As new technologies emerge and attack surfaces grow, the already-daunting number of tools and volume of data will only increase. IT security teams have the unenviable task of making sense of this data, prioritizing the most relevant vulnerabilities, and then executing remediation workflows across multiple teams. 

Today’s cyber criminals are sophisticated, organized, and agile, with their own advanced technology aiding them as they wreak havoc. The ongoing Log4Shell challenge is a case in point, indicating the ease with which threat actors can exploit weaknesses in an organization’s systems. As teams fight to gain visibility and control of their sprawling cyber risk landscape, attackers are waiting to pounce. And the cost of these potential breaches? At an all-time high in 2022, according to IBM.

Cyber risk management – today and in the future – demands the centralization of tools, teams, and processes to ensure that the most critical risk is mitigated, and the organization is not left open to attack. 

Optiv Future Point puts the ever-changing landscape of cyber security in sharp perspective. And the Vulcan Cyber risk management platform sits at the center of the security team’s proliferating toolkit – consolidating data, prioritizing risk, and allowing teams to easily manage mitigation efforts. 

As Optiv explores future pain points and solutions, Vulcan Cyber provides the ideal platform to take advantage of its findings. 

The full summary of Optiv’s methodology and research – including a detailed profile of Vulcan Cyber – can be found in this white paper.

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