Vulcan wins Hermes Creative Awards: Behind the Scenes of an Award-Winning Brand

Gal Gonen | June 10, 2021


This just in: The 2021 Hermes Creative Awards have just been announced, and Vulcan Cyber has won platinum for website design! We’re indebted to the tech branding agency Atreo for their great work helping us articulate and express who we are and what we do, and we couldn’t be more excited about this global recognition. Every win here is a celebration, because there’s no wins without hard work. Here’s a look behind the scenes of how it happened:

First, strategy

Vulcan Cyber is a fast-growing cyber startup with a powerful vulnerability management solution. We have great tech and a product that performs and delivers, but the market we operate in is crowded. We needed to tell our story in a way that resonates with security teams responsible for risk, our target audience, and rise above the noise. To both differentiate our product and elevate the conversation, we worked behind the scenes to define a new category — “Remediation Orchestration, which reflects our platform’s capabilities to orchestrate the remediation process from beginning to end. Just as importantly, Remediation Orchestration focuses more on remedies and less on the vulnerabilities, differentiating ourselves in the risk-based vulnerability market where the emphasis is often more on finding the problems and less on finding the solutions.

And, as Remediation Orchestration matured, it gave birth to “Risk Remediation,” which communicates “why” before “what,” and tells our story much more effectively.

Our unique voice

Before diving into cool taglines and catchy copy, we built our brand personality—it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Here as well, it was essential for us to differentiate how we speak to our audience, and how that differs from our competitors and in an industry which is all about fear and seriousness.

So, we chose two brand archetypes that authentically represent us and  guide our tone of voice:

  • Motivator

    It’s not just us; our audience, security teams, knows that risk-based cyber management needs to be better. So, we’re quite comfortable with shouting from the proverbial rooftop to anyone who’ll listen that things in our industry sector need to evolve. It’s why we speak the way that we do; here too. Rapid-fire statements from us to you. Always in the present. Always direct. And always going back to our core, overarching mission—get vulnerabilities fixed. 

  • Maverick

    We speak our mind, make our mark, and shake things up. That’s why, when we have something to say, we don’t hold back. Longer explanations and more complex tech talk is dry and boring. Short, bold, and punchy messages speak to people and jump off the page. Safe, mild language fails to get anyone’s attention. Engaging copy with a wink and a smile wins hearts and minds 😉

At Vulcan, we do things differently, so we speak differently—internally and externally. We’re allergic to jargon and nothing irritates us like old, tired clichés. Never. Write. “Actionable. Insights”. Try something like, “put data to use” instead. See? Much better.

Our messaging

Then came our tagline. We were looking for something catchy, fresh, true to our brand personality, and that would express our core, overarching mission: “Get fix done.” (Boom.)

An award-winning design behind the scenes

Our platform helps organizations prioritize their vulnerabilities and suggests the fixes needed to eliminate them. Our visual language was designed to communicate just this. As an example, vulnerabilities are represented by numerous scattered Vs, indicating their priority. The different suggested fixes that Vulcan proposes are represented by colored cubes inside a V. Finally, and for the first time in cyber—a bright, fun visual identity. No wonder we closed the first quarter of 2021 with the big news of a $21 million series B funding round.

platinum award hermes creative

This is an amazing achievement for our marketing team in partnership with Atreo. This Hermes Creative Award award recognizes our brand as truly one-of-a-kind —it’s unique, creative, and bold. And most importantly, it performs.

People love it. And so do we.

If you want to be part of our amazing brand and join the ride, make sure to visit our careers page and follow us on Linkedin.

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