What Is remediation in cyber security?

There are so many threats that make it hard to keep computers virus-free. What is remediation in cyber security? Contact Vulcan to increase your security.

Rhett | January 24, 2022

If you use computers for business or personal use, you know that computer security is a high priority. Even if you use anti-virus software, cyber attacks are common. These threats are pervasive in nature and are often financially motivated. 

If you’re a business owner, you need to be on high alert when it comes to protecting your computers and networks. That’s why you need to know what remediation is in cyber security

Cyber risk remediation 

Cyber risk remediation involves identifying and addressing cyber threats that can impact your network security. By having continuous visibility into your network infrastructures, you can quickly identify threats so that you can address them in time—and before they threaten your business. The quicker they are discovered, the better.

Failing to eliminate cyber threats can have ramifications for your business. You are leaving your network open to threats, so you may not be able to identify a security breach until after it has occurred. This can have a financial impact on a business in two main ways. Not only are there significant penalties for non-compliance, but a breach can also damage your company’s reputation, which can lead to a lack of customer trust and, of course, loss of revenues.

Data breaches have an especially negative impact on small businesses, with 60 percent shutting down within six months of an attack.

Overall, what remediation is in cyber security is enhanced safety. It’s a proactive approach to identifying potential threats, so you reduce your risk and keep your technology safe from hackers.

Vulnerability remediation challenges

There are several challenges companies face when keeping computers safe. Common vulnerability remediation challenges include:

  • Complete asset inventory. Are you aware of all your company’s digital assets? Do you have an idea of all the files you need to protect? Most likely, no. You need to account for all your data, which can be next to impossible for many companies.
  • Identification of vulnerabilities. While you can scan your devices for threats, this can sometimes lead to downtime and even disabled devices. Plus, once a scan is complete, it is often already outdated. You need real-time coverage of your assets and their vulnerabilities.
  • Timely remediation. Many vulnerabilities can be remediated through software patches. However, not all vulnerabilities can be fixed by applying a patch, so it’s important to understand how to best eliminate the risk of certain threats.
  • Inadequately prioritized assets. Bad prioritization means ineffectual remediation of the wrong things.

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How can we prevent cyber attacks?

As you can see, keeping computers and networks safe is not a simple task. So, how can we prevent cyber attacks? Here are some steps for companies to implement in working toward prevention:

  • Build security into your systems. Instead of treating security as a layer to add later, make it a priority while creating your network. Make it a huge component early in the process and not just an afterthought. This will reduce the risk of a business shutdown later.
  • Organize assets. You can’t protect what you don’t know you have. Therefore, digital inventory is important for businesses. You’ll need to identify and track everything. It’s a good idea to organize a database that contains all your records and updates in real-time.
  • Evaluate value and risk. Once you have all your IT assets organized, you can separate the ones critical to your business, as well as the risky ones. 
  • Identify vulnerabilities. Scan and monitor the network to look for vulnerabilities. This will need to be an ongoing process. 
  • Prioritize vulnerabilities. Some data will have vulnerabilities that place it at a higher risk than others. You may not be able to remediate all the vulnerabilities at once, so focus on the ones with the highest risk.

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