Which Cyber Security Assessment Framework Is for You?

There are a number of different methods for performing a security analysis. Here are some comprehensive assessments.

Derek Hays | October 21, 2021

We get it. Your business has vulnerabilities, and you want to make your applications and security systems more secure. A cyber security assessment is a great place to start so you can understand how to improve your cyber hygiene. Cyber security assessments make sure you’re continually minimizing the places that make your organization’s data susceptible to attacks.

As Amy Williams, the Director of Proactive Services at BlueVoyant said, “The scope of a cyber security assessment will vary with organizational size, complexity, and industry, but the end goal of any assessment is to reduce the overall attack surface.”

There are a number of different methods for performing a security analysis. Some comprehensive assessments are:

  • The NIST Cybersecurity Framework, which addresses five important aspects of cyber security: identify, detect, protect, respond, and recover. It is used across a variety of industries because of its comprehensive versatility.
  • The ISO 27000 series, which has multiple angles each designed for a specific goal. The 27001 specifies how to implement an information security management system while the 27002 helps organizations develop effective standards for organizational security and security management across an organization’s activities.

There are many more frameworks, and a smart approach is to use a hybrid assessment framework which has been customized to meet your organization’s specific business and compliance requirements. 

One way to enhance a cyber security assessment is to calculate your environment’s CVSS score. The Common Vulnerability Scoring System is a measurement of how severe your vulnerabilities are. This allows your security team to more easily prioritize and eventually fix them. 

But CVSS scores on their own aren’t very valuable and don’t account for your unique business needs and priorities. That’s where Vulcan Cyber’s risk-based platform comes in. It offers full-scale prioritization of vulnerabilities so your team has the tools they need for accurate remediation. Learn more about cyber hygiene and prioritizing vulnerabilities at our platform page:

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