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AWS Integrations

Integrate Vulcan Cyber™ cyber risk management with Amazon Inspector to deliver orchestrated, end-to-end cyber risk mitigation for AWS Cloud security.



Understand your AWS environment’s real risk and prioritize mitigation activities


Protect your cloud infrastructure with rapid mitigation of critical threats


Rapidly communicate and collaborate with relevant stakeholders to coordinate risk reduction


Deliver real risk intelligence and vulnerability context to your operations team

Promote AWS Cloud Security

Vulcan Cyber integrates with Amazon Inspector by ingesting customers’ vulnerability findings across multiple AWS services to provide a consolidated, prioritized view into customer workload AWS cyber risk posture. Vulcan Cyber automatically coordinates actionable mitigation campaigns for AWS environments alongside campaigns for any other IT, application, or cloud surface. IT and cloud security teams are then able to filter and prioritize vulnerabilities, as well as create remediation campaigns by business group risk, and automation playbooks based on Amazon Inspector findings.

Key Solution Capabilities

Automate AWS EC2 risk assessment
Vulcan Cyber integration with Amazon Inspector automatically discovers all running Amazon EC2 instances and container images residing in Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR), at any scale, and immediately assesses them for known vulnerabilities.
Automate response for rapid AWS Cloud security
Vulcan Cyber reduces the mean time to resolve (MTTR) vulnerabilities through orchestrated mitigation of AWS Cloud customers' infrastructure for risk reduction. True cloud infrastructure protection through full-lifecycle, scan-to-fix risk mitigation is orchestrated, automated and measured through integration with Amazon EventBridge and AWS Security Hub.
Fix first things first
Vulcan Cyber correlates security CVE information with threat intelligence, vulnerability severity and asset exploitability with Amazon Inspector data and insights to prioritize the most-impactful remediation and mitigation actions for each customer’s unique risk profile. This ensures focus on assessment and remediation of the vulnerabilities that are the highest priority to your business first.

Michael Fuller, Director of Product Management, AWS Security Services

The combination of Amazon Inspector and Vulcan Cyber is an important security solution for our customers. With the new Amazon Inspector, we’ve simplified continuous and automated vulnerability assessment for customers across their entire organization, whether they have one AWS account or five thousand. Layering on Vulcan Cyber risk management platform provides actionable detail to help customers remediate vulnerabilities and quickly respond to protect critical resources.

About Vulcan Integrations


In addition to its integrations with best-in-class security solutions like Amazon Inspector, the Vulcan Cyber risk management platform integrates with and orchestrates the tools teams use for IT, cloud and application security including scanners, asset management, collaboration, ITSM, patch and configuration management.

For more information about Vulcan Cyber, please visit to request a demo or try Remedy Cloud today. In addition, Vulcan Free is now available as the industry’s only free vulnerability prioritization tool. Apply for Vulcan Free access today.

Used together, Vulcan and Amazon Inspector help enterprise security teams reduce vulnerability risk with prioritized, orchestrated mitigation actions that ultimately protect critical business assets from fast-moving threats.

Start getting fix done.