Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Integration

Integrate Vulcan Cyber™ cyber risk management with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint to deliver orchestrated cyber risk reduction for Microsoft and Linux endpoints.

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Consolidate vulnerability and cyber risk to reduce the noise and accurately pinpoint and understand where you have actual risk


Automate vulnerability and risk prioritization and scoring using accurate and contextual cyber insights from Microsoft Defender for Endpoint


Streamline collaboration between departments to break down operating silos and reduce mean time to resolution via automated communication


Comprehensively track and report on risk management for compliance, internal auditing, board reporting and other activities

Mitigate Endpoint Risk with Microsoft Defender

Vulcan Cyber integrates with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint threat and vulnerability management and ingests vulnerability findings from the service to deliver a consolidated, automatically prioritized view into actual risk contextualized for each organization as well as remediation tools to fix vulnerabilities. With this data, the Vulcan Cyber risk management platform can coordinate actionable mitigation campaigns, alongside campaigns for any other IT, application, or cloud surface. Security teams can then more-effectively assess risk and prioritize vulnerabilities, automatically collaborate with any other department to create remediation campaigns by business-group risk, and deploy orchestration playbooks based on Microsoft Defender for Endpoint findings.

Key Solution Capabilities

Centralize and automate vulnerability and risk prioritization

Automatically consolidate, deduplicate and analyze your Defender for Endpoint threat and vulnerability manager data for automated vulnerability and risk prioritization. Learn which vulnerabilities to address first, with detailed context explaining why, and learn the best path forward for neutralizing risk and strengthening organizational security posture.


Automatically communicate vulnerability and risk details with the associated mitigation steps to the right people across all departments using their preferred methods and platforms. That includes expert-defined context, identified fixes, and workarounds when necessary to fit any vulnerability to remediate risk faster and break down the operating siloes that slow down many risk management operations.


Deliver deep analytics that align with business objectives across all endpoints, infrastructure, cloud assets and applications for compliance, internal auditing, board reporting, and resource and capacity planning. Align and track mitigation strategies against internal and external operating objectives, demonstrate adherence to risk management SLAs and calculate the impact of patching and other activities on overall security posture.


Maria Thomson, Microsoft Intelligent Security Association Lead

The Microsoft Intelligent Security Association has grown into a vibrant ecosystem comprised of the most reliable and trusted security software vendors across the globe. Our members, like Vulcan Cyber, share Microsoft’s commitment to collaboration within the cybersecurity community to improve our customers’ ability to predict, detect, and respond to security threats faster.

About Vulcan Integrations



In addition to its integrations with best-in-class security solutions like Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, the Vulcan Cyber risk management platform integrates with and orchestrates the tools teams use for IT, cloud and application security including scanners, asset management, collaboration, ITSM, patch and configuration management.

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Used together, Vulcan Cyber and Microsoft Defender Endpoint help enterprise security teams reduce cyber risk with prioritized, automated mitigation actions that ultimately protect critical business assets from fast-moving threats.

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