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Attack Path Graph

Navigate vulnerability and asset risk priority with context

Vulcan Cyber Attack Path Graph helps security teams clearly visualize the attack path enabling effective, contextualized risk prioritization and remediation.

Why Attack Path Graph?


So many vulnerabilities

The complexity of modern IT environments restricts the ability of cyber security teams to address all vulnerabilities. Strategic, prioritized risk mitigation stay ahead of the most-critical vulnerabilities 


Myopic prioritization

Vulnerabilities are often prioritized based on arbitrary risk scores, which doesn’t reflect actual risk to the business. Modern prioritization takes into account an attacker’s perspective and asset connections.


Protect crown jewels

The crown jewels are only as secure as the room and the building they are kept in. Interconnected, exposed assets in turn expose crown jewels. See the cyber risk big picture with Attack Path Graph.

Add context with Attack Path Graph

Understand the attack path

Gain comprehensive visibility across all of your cyber attack surfaces and see vulnerability risk through the eyes of an attacker. Empower your vulnerability management teams and asset owners with prioritized risk needed to proactively protect the organizations’ crown jewels.

Prioritize assets and vulnerabilities with context

Advanced attack path modeling delivers contextualized risk priority using threat feeds, custom risk weightings, vulnerability criticality, and asset relationships to help cyber security teams allocate valuable remediation resources to the most-critical vulnerability risk.

Remediate risk, efficiently

Attack Path Graph enables you to orchestrate risk mitigation while efficiently managing and reducing exposure windows, and reducing actual risk. Streamline your cyber security and risk mitigation efforts, and optimize asset risk security posture at scale.

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See APG in action

Join our experts and see a demo of Vulcan Cyber Attack Path Graph. Watch next-generation vulnerability prioritization in action.

The Vulcan Cyber vulnerability prioritization approach

Business context

Vulcan Cyber unique risk scoring model enables companies to contextualize and determine risk based on specific business context.

Threat intelligence

Threat intelligence

Vulcan Cyber enriches vulnerability data with 20+ threat intelligence feeds and threat temporal factors (e.g. exploitability, usage in the wild).



Attacker context

The Vulcan Cyber platform uses vector analysis and vulnerability intelligence sources such as MITRE ATT&CK to provide risk mitigation context and prioritization.

Attacker context