Attack surface management: A practitioner’s guide

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About this whitepaper

This white paper delves into the intricacies of attack surface management (ASM). It discusses how the concept of the attack surface—the total number of potential attack points within an environment—has evolved with the expansion of digital footprints. It addresses the challenges security teams face in maintaining an accurate understanding of their infrastructures and the role of ASM in providing an up-to-date, detailed view of an organization’s vulnerabilities.  ASM tools not only detect and prioritize risks but also integrate with automation to actively remediate issues, thereby shrinking the attack surface and enhancing the security posture over time.


  • The function and impact of attack surface management in cyber security.
  • How ASM supports security teams in real-time monitoring and threat prioritization.
  • Strategies to minimize the attack surface and manage vulnerabilities.
  • Best practices and the integration of AI in ASM for enhanced security measures.