How Paystack automates vulnerability risk mitigation

Presented by: Jocelyn van Heerde, Paystack Information security engineering and vulnerability management | Nino Klimiashvili, Vulcan Cyber Customer Success Manager

Attend this session to learn how Paystack uses Vulcan Cyber to consolidate risk data and automate vulnerability risk mitigation to protect critical business operations.

In this 20-mins session, we will:

  • Learn the challenges Paystack were facing in their vulnerability management program prior to adopting Vulcan Cyber as a solution.
  • Explore the remediation processes and improvements achieved using the Vulcan Cyber platform, such as enhanced visibility and reduced workload,
  • Dive into the future goals and projects for Paystack, including onboarding lead engineers onto the Vulcan platform, exploring automation features, and using data analytics for targeted security training.

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