Prioritize and mitigate cloud vulnerability risk with attack path modeling

Presented by: Yaniv Bar-Dayan, Vulcan Cyber CEO | Dror Malovany, Vulcan Cyber Product Manager

As vulnerabilities become more frequent and severe, and cyber risk mitigation grows more complex given pervasive and distributed cloud adoption, traditional vulnerability management and prioritization tools are not keeping pace. Modern asset and vulnerability risk management requires a holistic view of all cyber assets and their relationships, enhanced with a robust perspective of vulnerability risk. On Aug 24th, Vulcan Cyber introduced ‘Attack Path Graph’ (APG), the next level of vulnerability prioritization. 

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  • Learn how attack path modeling can help cyber security and IT operations teams clearly visualize attack paths and security posture impact based on cascading vulnerability risk.
  • Understand what delivering the next-generation of vulnerability prioritization technology means, and how to use hyper-focused context to eliminate the cyber risk most critical to a customer’s organization.
  • Watch a demo of the new Vulcan Cyber Attack Path Graph capabilities and dive deep into advanced vulnerability risk management through an asset risk topology map that consolidates, contextualizes, and customizes cyber risk prioritization.

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