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Managing exposure risk across the entire attack surface

Presented by: Aviva Penn, Vulcan Cyber product manager

Join us for a detailed exploration of how Vulcan Cyber is revolutionizing exposure risk management. Discover how we tackle the complexities of cyber risk, provide a comprehensive demo of our tools, and discuss the holistic approach to managing cybersecurity threats at scale.

Attend this session to:

  • Understand exposure risk management: Learn about the Vulcan Cyber approach to managing exposure risks in large-scale environments, integrating numerous tools and data sources to streamline processes.
  • Explore our holistic strategy: Gain insights into the difference between fragmented and holistic approaches to cybersecurity, and the benefits of a unified management hub.
  • See Vulcan Cyber in action: Experience a live demo of the Vulcan Cyber ExposureOS to see how it optimizes data integration, threat prioritization, and remediation processes.

See Vulcan Cyber in action

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