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Mastering DORA & NIS2 compliance

Presented by: Tal Morgenstern, Vulcan Cyber CSO, Andy Ellis, YL Ventures advisory CISO

Join us for an enlightening session with Tal Morgenstern, Chief Strategy Officer at Vulcan Cyber, and Andy Ellis, advisory CISO with YL Ventures. They will discuss the intricate relationship between compliance and risk management, especially in the context of the new DORA and NIS2 regulatory standards. 

Attend this session to:

  • Understand the relationship between compliance and exposure risk management: Explore how effective risk management can not only anticipate future threats but also solidify your compliance posture.
  • Learn the pitfalls to avoid: Explore the main reasons organizations can fall foul of compliance regulations, and the necessary steps to avoid them. 
  • Discover practical compliance strategies: Learn how to leverage risk management practices to meet compliance requirements more efficiently and effectively.

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