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The Cyber Risk Assessment Checklist

Rhett Glauser
 | Oct 25, 2021
 | Vulcan Cyber CMO

In the evolving digital landscape, cybersecurity risk assessments are vital to keeping your data safe from potential threats. In particular, cyber risk assessments help identify and assess current safety protocols to determine necessary updates to keep attackers at bay. 


The Cyber Risk Assessment Checklist:

  1. Asset Audit
    • Determine the assets to be assessed; focus on key assets for an effective assessment
    • Collect all supporting information and data regarding those assets
  2. Identify Threat Sources and Threat Events
    • Identify potential threats and their respective sources
    • Examples include phishing attacks, data leaks, insider threats, service disruption, etc.
  3. Identify Vulnerabilities
    • Identify the respective vulnerabilities in your system that could pose the above-mentioned threats
  4. Prioritization of Vulnerabilities
    • Pinpoint vulnerabilities to prioritize through audit reports, vendor data, software security analyses, vulnerability analysis, etc.
  5. Determine Likelihood of Exploitation
    • Calculate the probabilities for each cyber risk by factoring in the current conditions that might lead to it
    • Identify the current measures and think of possible solutions to improve security
  6. Determine Probable Impact
    • Ascertain the potential repercussions or impacts from each respective threat
  7. Calculate Risk as Combination of Likelihood and Impact
    • Combine likelihood and impact values as calculated earlier to determine the final risk value
  8. FIX!
    • Implement new measures after identifying weak points to minimize threats and automate where possible to make scaling easier 
    • Make routine checks to see if new threats arise and if current practices are still effective


Ready to kick start your cyber risk assessment? Vulcan Cyber can help. 

With Vulcan Free, you and your security team will be able to better understand your vulnerability scan data and reduce risk specific to your business. The Vulcan platform provides vulnerability management solutions and can also help with the remediation process to make everything faster and more seamless.

About the Author

Rhett Glauser

Rhett has been running corporate marketing and demand generation functions in the enterprise infrastructure and security markets for a really long time. Prior to Vulcan Cyber Rhett spent more than two decades with SaltStack, ServiceNow, Symantec and Altiris.

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