How to Prevent Cyber Threats: Best Practices

Want to know how to prevent cyber threats? Read Vulcan Cyber's threat prevention checklist today so your business can be confidently secure.

David Gruberger | August 25, 2021

Instead of focusing on building a response program for cyber threats, we’re proposing preemptive measures to make sure you never have to react to a breach. We have compiled a checklist of how to prevent cyber threats to get you started with risk-based cyber security. 

The preventing cyber threats checklist:

  • Develop risk-based cyber security policies with buy-in from the top, down

    • Establishing leaders and roles within cyber security helps with efficiency and getting tasks done. Just like any industry, good management is important and makes all the difference ineffectiveness.
  • Create collaboration across security and other teams (dev, IT, Devops)

    • A great hindrance in cyber security is lack of communication. Bridging the divide between teams helps get a vulnerability from found to fix faster than putting in a request and never seeing it to the end.
  • Implement security awareness (including understanding of risk, training)

    • Cyber security training is a critical  missing link among enterprises. When employees are aware of how vulnerabilities happen within systems, all team members are able to become preventative defenders against attacks. 
  • Having a risk-based remediation tool that can help you understand and prioritize risk in context, provides remedies, suggestions etc.

    • A tool like Vulcan Cyber prioritizes and remediates vulnerabilities based on risk so you don’t have to manually monitor your entire system.
  • Fix necessary vulnerabilities in your network, application and cloud (across all cyber security programs)

    • Once vulnerabilities are prioritized based on risk, it’s time to fix. The Vulcan Cyber Remedy Cloud is a free, dynamic database of patches, workarounds, and more for you to apply to vulnerabilities. Without fix, risk-based cyber security is not effective. Staying on top of high-risk vulnerabilities is the most important preventative measure.
  • Continually reassess your cyber posture

    • The cyber security landscape is ever-changing, so it is important to re-evaluate your enterprise’s place within it. Ask yourself: Do our preemptive measures hold up? Do they work at-scale within our company? Are there any missing pieces?


When following these steps, risk-based cyber security puts you multiple steps ahead of attacks. Learn more about how to prevent cyber threats at our blog.

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