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“Ideal for an overwhelmed security team” - how Vulcan Cyber mitigates vulnerability risk

Learn how Vulcan Cyber drove risk mitigation outcomes for a scaling insurance company struggling under mounting vulnerability risk data.

Orani Amroussi | May 15, 2023

This case study was adapted from a TrustRadius review of Vulcan Cyber. You can read it here.

A rapidly-growing insurance company needed a solution to help them get a clear picture of vulnerabilities across all cyber attack surfaces to prioritize and mitigate risk. They chose Vulcan Cyber to get the most out of their security data and to optimize their vulnerability and asset risk management initiatives. 

Here’s how they mitigated vulnerability risk across critical attack surfaces to enable business security at scale:

The situation

  • Growth of business meant proliferation of risk and attack surfaces.
  • Multiple critical vulnerabilities daily.

As with many fast-growing businesses, the customer was presented with the unenviable challenge of mitigating cyber risk in an environment subject to constant change. The security team was under pressure to secure critical assets in a way that allowed the rest of the organization to continue to focus on innovation and expansion. As ever, this was easier said than done. 

With rapid proliferation of attack surfaces, the team faced multiple new, critical vulnerabilities on a daily basis. The need for contextualized vulnerability prioritization and efficient risk mitigation workflows ares critical, as was getting other IT and security operations teams on the same page with a more-impactful vulnerability risk management process. 

The solution

  • Vulcan Cyber is used in all environments, including IT and cloud infrastructure and application environments, to secure cyber operations efficiently and effectively.
  • Vulcan Cyber provides real-time guidance for vulnerability priority and mitigation.
  • Vulcan Cyber is used to secure sensitive and valuable cyber assets through orchestrated risk mitigation.

The team turned to Vulcan Cyber to address key stages of the vulnerability management lifecycle. Integrating with their existing security tools and data sets, they were able to drastically improve efficiency and reduce risk.



Use cases and deployment scope

  • Vulcan Cyber provided the organization with a perspective into how serious their vulnerabilities were and helped them make real-time decisions about where to prioritize and what’s a pressing issue. 
  • The solution also gave guidance into how to mitigate the risks of those vulnerabilities. Vulcan Cyber was used in all of their environments to keep them updated and protected.
  • With data coming from many different sources and attack surfaces, Vulcan Cyber was able to aggregate the cyber risk in context specific to the organization, giving the security team greater visibility of their risk landscape. 

Most important features

  • Securing environment and mitigating risk with clear and actionable guidance for security, IT and DevOps teams. 
  • Automation controls and playbooks allowed the team to improve efficiency and save time for research.

Return on Investment (ROI)

The organization saw a return on investment in the hours saved by their SecOps team on research and by their security engineering team on resolution. They also noted that Vulcan Cyber protected the company from data breaches, which could have had a tremendous impact on the business.

Watch webinar: a demo of vulnerability risk management data aggregation and de-duplication

The results

  • Vulcan Cyber saved remediation research and vulnerability resolution time for the teams.
  • The organization more effectively and proactively defended against data breaches.
  • The organization was now easily alerted to critical vulnerabilities and their solutions.
  • The security effort was able to match the pace of innovation as it leveraged the capabilities of Vulcan Cyber to manage risk across new attack surfaces and technologies.

The organization found that Vulcan Cyber was easier to implement with their existing security environment and that the UX and UI were more intuitive and user-friendly than other products they had evaluated. 

Moreover, the security team felt that Vulcan Cyber was a natural fit for a rapidly-expanding company in a hyper-growth phase, giving them the context, insight and breathing room they needed as they worked to mitigate risk across their organization’s fast-mutating technological environment.

Drive down cyber risk with Vulcan Cyber

As innovation is championed and technologies adopted, most organizations face the daunting challenge of an ever-growing cyber risk workload. Vulcan Cyber assists with each stage of the vulnerability risk lifecycle ad supports teams with contextual prioritization of risk and automation of workflows to drive efficiency at scale. Try Vulcan Free today.

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