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Enhancing cloud security with Vulcan Cyber Risk Management Platform and Amazon Inspector Integration

Gal Gonen
 | Nov 29, 2021
 | Vulcan Cyber Director of Marketing

Today, AWS introduced the new Amazon Inspector, a vulnerability management service that continually scans AWS workloads for software vulnerabilities and unintended network exposure.

In this blog post we will cover the new Vulcan Cyber with Amazon Inspector aimed at enhancing security for both AWS and Vulcan Cyber customers.

The need for risk-based cloud security programs

As cloud environments get more complex – more apps, users, data, configurations – they inevitably become more vulnerable.

In the last few months, Vulcan Cyber has been working closely with AWS as an integration partner to deliver our customers the value Amazon Inspector provides. This integration enables all Inspector findings to flow seamlessly into the Vulcan environment and helps customers take action and remediate vulnerabilities.

Vulcan Cyber Amazon Inspector: what, why and how?


With the Vulcan Cyber risk management platform and Amazon Inspector integration, you can filter and prioritize vulnerabilities, as well as create remediation campaigns and automated playbooks based on Amazon Inspector findings.


  • Onboarding: Enabling Amazon Inspector is simple. With just a few clicks in the AWS management console you can get up and running quickly. In parallel, add the AWS connector in Vulcan and enable Security Hub in the connector settings.
  • Assessing: Once enabled, Amazon Inspector automatically discovers all running Amazon EC2 instances and container images residing in Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR), at any scale, and immediately starts assessing them for known vulnerabilities.
  • Prioritizing: Amazon Inspector then creates a risk score for each of the findings. This score is enriched with Vulcan Cyber risk score methods – taking each vulnerability’s impact on the unique environment into account and adding its severity of risk and ability to fix. The total Vulcan score is used to prioritize vulnerabilities and determine which of them are critical to act upon first.
  • Remediating: All findings are aggregated in a newly designed Inspector console and pushed to the Vulcan Cyber platform to automate remediation workflows and optimize risk reduction. Vulcan uses remediation intelligence, and curates the best fix; patch, configuration script, workaround, compensating control or mitigating action. Vulcan then outlines the exact steps to deploy it.
  • Managing: all Amazon Inspector findings seamlessly flow into your Vulcan environment, which provides a single pane of glass for your. Remediated vulnerabilities are tracked and analyzed allowing for measurements and full visibility using user-friendly reports.


  • Reduce mean time to resolve (MTTR) Amazon Inspector- vulnerability findings with Vulcan automation using remediation campaigns and playbooks.
  • Consolidate Amazon EC2 and container vulnerability management with the Vulcan Cyber platform, along with your other into a single vulnerability management and remediation workflow.
  • Enrich findings prioritization accurately using contextual, and meaningful risk scores.

Learn more about the Vulcan Cyber risk management platform or simply start finding and prioritizing vulnerabilities with Vulcan Free.

About the Author

Gal Gonen

Gal is a branding and marketing lover with years of experience in brand positioning and developing marketing strategies. Her knowledge includes deep understanding of multiple fields in the B2B tech world, such as SaaS, Cyber Security, IT, Cloud, CX, and others.

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