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Staying Aware of Security Threats

David Gruberger
 | Oct 27, 2021
 | Product Manager

Security threats refer to any possible malicious attacks that seek to unlawfully access data, disrupt digital operations or damage information. In our digital age, where anything and everything is online, security threats are inevitable. Nonetheless, the best way to avoid falling victim to these threats is awareness.


Here are 7 steps to stay aware of Security Threats:

  1. Conduct Risk Identification And Analysis
    • Routinely conduct risk assessments to identify assets and the relevant threats to those assets 
    • This ensures that you will allocate the right resources, technologies and security controls to the necessary departments
  2. Vulnerability Scanning Policies and Procedures
  3. Identify The Types Of Vulnerability Scans
    • Network Scans: Identify possible network security attacks and vulnerable systems on your network
    • Host-based Scans: Identify potential damages by insiders or outsiders with partial access in servers and network hosts 
    • Wireless Scans: Identify potential unauthorized access points 
    • Application Scans: Identify software vulnerabilities and mis-configurations in applications
    • Database Scans: Identify weak points in a database such as weak passwords, missing patches, misconfigurations etc.,
  4. Perform The Scan
  5. Evaluate And Consider Possible Risks
    • Determine risk level and threat exposure:
      • Critical: risks and threats that need to be addressed immediately; pose the highest risk to a business
      • High: after critical threats are addressed, corrective measures for high risks are to be implemented as soon as possible
      • Medium:correct measures developed within a reasonable period of time
      • Low: decide whether to accept the risk or mitigate
  6. Interpret The Scan Results
  7. Create A Remediation Process And Mitigation Plan
    • Implement a solution that will help you prioritize and remediate risk
    • Establish a reliable source for fixes to vulnerabilities

Establishing practices like these are essential to being proactive against cyber threats. The Vulcan Cyber risk remediation platform prioritizes vulnerabilities and recommends the right fixes to prevent threats. Together with Remedy Cloud, the world’s largest database with thousands of curated remedies, get the necessary fix done and keep your enterprise safe from unwanted breaches.

About the Author

David Gruberger

David is an experienced product leader who specializes in driving vision, roadmap and hands-on product development for businesses. He focuses on collaboration between customer and company, with cross-functional partners to deliver successful results. Among David’s specialties include SaaS B2B software, business processes, UX, mobile apps, data analytics, and product strategy.

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