The Case for Cyber Security Analytics

Read why the leading minds in cyber hygiene use cyber security analytics to strengthen their risk remediation capabilities, and why you should too.

Rhett | August 25, 2021

Cyber security analytics gathers data collected from network devices such as endpoint and user data, system applications, threat intelligence solutions, and non-IT contextual data. It then uses big data trends to categorize and analyze advanced threats. 

Machine Learning uses these real-time analytics to automate risk detection and remediation processes to keep your network secure. While cyber security analytics can’t predict the future, they can help our systems learn trends that can detect and fix a vulnerability at record speeds. 

From Reactive to Proactive

Analytics make your Cyber Security smart. This is what allows your machine to learn its environment and attack surface. Analytics take your security from reactive protection to proactive detection. As data is combined and organized, suspicious activity trends are recognized. Machine Learning takes these trends and applies it so it is more recognizable in the future and preventative measures can occur faster. Security analytics capabilities can also keep track of patterns and alert the security teams when new vulnerabilities are discovered or when there’s an anomaly in patterns of existing ones.

Automation with Analysis

As stated before, Machine Learning is able to digest analytics and improve its software to detect those vulnerabilities quicker. ML automates the workflow process in cybersecurity. Instead of manually recognizing trends in our cybersecurity and adjusting techniques, ML can automatically translate analytics into proactive detection measures. 

Vulcan Cyber Intelligence

Security professionals often get an incomplete view of their remediation efforts, due to siloed teams and tools. The Vulcan Cyber platform constantly learns from historical analytics, tracks vulnerabilities statuses, and uses automation to achieve remediation.

We developed our own remediation analytics dashboarding capabilities that give you a comprehensive view of the state of your organization’s vulnerability remediation process. With this dashboard, you are now able to follow data trends and track your remediation performance to make sure your teams maintain vulnerabilities SLA. 

Vulcan Cyber offers customizable reports and dashboards tailored to your organization’s reporting and tracking needs. Vulcan Cyber is helping security teams to move from passive risk management to active risk remediation and automated cyber hygiene.

Check out our blog for more information on cyber security analytics.

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