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Why You Need Top Application Security Companies

With application breaches on the rise, you’ll need to do more to fend off hackers. Learn why you need to look at top application security companies today.

Derek Hays | January 24, 2022

With security breaches happening left and right, app security has become more critical than ever. As hackers become bolder and more sophisticated, your confidential data are constantly at risk from a security attack. 

The good news is that it’s not too late to start protecting yourself and your assets from hackers. As you assess the best cybersecurity option for your team, you’ll want to narrow down your choices to top application security companies that best fit your needs.

Here’s a closer look at some of the major cyberattacks in recent years and how you can ensure your digital assets are better protected.

Examples of App Breaches

In 2012, a huge data breach compromised the information of about 165 million LinkedIn users. Four years later, these users’ email addresses and passwords surfaced online and were posted for sale. If this wasn’t serious enough, a second LinkedIn breach occurred in June 2021. This time, the data of 700 million users went up for sale on the dark web.  

Although sensitive information like banking details and account credentials weren’t exposed, other data like physical addresses and phone numbers made users susceptible to scams and spam campaigns. Worse, these details may have given rise to identity theft and phishing attacks. The hacker scraped records from LinkedIn by abusing its official API and downloading millions of user data. 

Another infamous data breach was the Facebook leak in April 2019, where the personal information of more than 530 million users was also exposed on the internet. Facebook later explained that this was due to exploiting an underlying vulnerability that they had already fixed. However, the same data reportedly resurfaced in April 2021. This further highlighted the struggle of some systems to stay on top of their cybersecurity. 

Meanwhile, the Uber data breach is a prime example of how users sometimes don’t realize their information has been compromised until some time after. Back in 2016, hackers stole the personal details of more than 50 million Uber users and the driving license information of about 600,000 drivers. Although Uber paid the hackers to destroy the stolen data, they didn’t confirm the breach until almost a year later. Unfortunately, Uber’s reputation suffered heavily due to the incident, and the company’s valuation fell considerably.  

Why the Need for Application Security?

As you probably realized, even an app as prominent as LinkedIn isn’t safe from malicious online activities. Even if the compromised data were meant to be publicly displayed anyway, giving strangers access to basic personal information is still risky. The more hackers know about users, the easier they can pull off criminal activities.

Top application security companies strive to protect businesses from data breaches that can cost thousands, if not millions, of dollars. Consider the impact that inadequate app security will have on your reputation if your consumers become targets of hacks. Without a doubt, you would have a sudden decline in customers that could hurt your bottom line. In the worst-case scenario, hackers who uncover weaknesses in your app may steal data, engage in unauthorized communications, or sniff for information.

Ultimately, an app breach might result in significant financial and reputation damage. However, the reality is that attackers are continually devising novel methods of system compromise. That’s why top application security companies are also working hard to address app vulnerabilities and prevent security failures.

Application Security Best Practices

Many application security risks revolve around an app’s validation, authentication, and user input. You and your team can minimize these vulnerabilities by following app security best practices during software development and maintenance. Top application security companies also follow these standards that provide protection for large web applications. In addition, their app security solutions provide extra layers of security that shield systems from cyber threats and prevent users from becoming targets of data breaches. 

How Vulcan Cyber Can Help

Vulcan Cyber is one of the top application security companies offering a platform that integrates with your tools and provides specific solutions for your needs. This cyber risk management platform can connect to application security tools in your stack, including SAST, DAST, and SCA, making application security more achievable. 

You get peace of mind with the following top-notch features:

  • Cyber asset management
  • Risk-based prioritization
  • Orchestration
  • Automation
  • Performance tracking
  • Reporting

With Vulcan Cyber as your app security program, you can focus on your core business operations and deliver better products or services to your customers. 

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